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Last updated: August 13, 2022

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  • Taketo Aihara, Ruoxi Wang, Xu Yang, Yoshiki Sakuma, Ayako Omura Okano, Michio Ikezawa. Observation of strain relaxing in nanoscale WS2 monolayers grown on SiO2/Si by organic solvent treatment. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [7] (2022) 071003 10.35848/1347-4065/ac78af
  • T. Wada, W. Namiki, T. Tsuchiya, D. Kan, Y. Shimakawa, T. Higuchi, K. Terabe. In situ manipulation of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in half-metallic NiCo2O4 thin film by proton insertion. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [SM] (2022) SM1002 10.35848/1347-4065/ac594f
  • Kazuya Terabe, Takashi Tsuchiya, Tohru Tsuruoka. Solid state ionics for the development of artificial intelligence components. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [SM] (2022) SM0803 10.35848/1347-4065/ac64e5
  • Alexandra Papadogianni, Takahiro Nagata, Oliver Bierwagen. The electrical conductivity of cubic (In1−x Ga x )2O3 films (x ≤ 0.18): native bulk point defects, Sn-doping, and the surface electron accumulation layer. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [4] (2022) 045502 10.35848/1347-4065/ac4ec7
  • Takuya Kawazu. Effects of In composition on the surface morphology of self-assembled In x Ga1−x Sb/GaAs quantum dots. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [6] (2022) 065503 10.35848/1347-4065/ac691f
  • Kazuhito Tsukagoshi, Yukiya Umeta, Hiroshi Suga. C60 nanowire two-state resistance switching: fabrication and electrical characterizations. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [SD] (2022) SD0804 10.35848/1347-4065/ac4e49
  • Yuanzhao Yao, Naoki Ikeda, Siti Chalimah, Takashi Kuroda, Yoshimasa Sugimoto, Takaaki Mano, Hiromi Koyama, Rei Hashimoto, Kei Kaneko, Tsutomu Kakuno, Shinji Ookuma, Ryuichi Togawa, Hiroshi Ohno, Shinji Saito, Naoki Takahashi, Hirotaka Tanimura, Shigeyuki Takagi, Kazuaki Sakoda. Improved power and far-field pattern of surface-emitting quantum cascade lasers with strain compensation to operate at 4.3 μm. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [5] (2022) 052001 10.35848/1347-4065/ac5dbb
  • Masaki Takeguchi, Xiaoguang Li, Kazutaka Mitsuishi. High-resolution STEM observation of the dynamics of Pt nanoparticles in a liquid. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [SD] (2022) SD1021 10.35848/1347-4065/ac54f0
  • Masashi Miyakawa, Chikara Shinei, Takashi Taniguchi. Nitrogen concentration control in diamonds grown in Co–(Fe)–Ti/Al solvents under high-pressure and high-temperature. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [4] (2022) 045507 10.35848/1347-4065/ac5d7f
  • Motoharu Imai, Takahiro Yamada, Hisanori Yamane. Electronic structure and optical properties of NaSi. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61 [3] (2022) 031004 10.35848/1347-4065/ac4d45
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