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論文の分野はクラリベイト・アナリティクス社のESI分類を参考に分類し(Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology)、ほか発表文献タイトル・抄録などから2006年以降刊行の論文検索を行うことができます。

最終更新時刻: 2020年08月09日

  • T. Chikyow, S. M. Bedair, L. Tye, N. A. El‐Masry. Reaction and regrowth control of CeO2on Si(111) surface for the silicon‐on‐insulator structure. Applied Physics Letters. 65 [8] (1994) 1030-1032 10.1063/1.113011
  • M.Fukutomi, M.Okada. Direct Pbseration of Boron Diffusion Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Sic-Coated Molybdenum with a Boron Underlayer. Thin Solid Films. 105 [325] (1983)
  • 高野, 増田. へき開ファセットの破面領域の3次元解析アルゴリズムの開発と鉄鋼材料のぜい性破面解析への応用. 鉄と鋼. 77 (1991) 298-305
  • Y.Iye, T.enomoto, A.fukushima, N.Mori, Y.Yamada, T.Matsumoto. is pressure dependence of Tc through change in carrier density?. physica C. (1991) 1293
  • J. Eastman, F. Heubaum, T. Matsumoto, H.K. Birnbaum. The effect of hydrogen on the solid solution strengthening and softening of nickel. Acta Metallurgica. 30 [8] (1982) 1579-1586 10.1016/0001-6160(82)90178-x
  • K.Adachi, T.Takeuchi, H.G.Suzuki. Correlation between the cold working and aging treatment for a Cu-15%Cv in situ composite. Mettals and Matterials Trans.A Vol29A. (1998) 2195-2203
  • N.Koguchi, N.Koguchi. GaAs micro crystal growth on semiconductor surfaces by low energy focused ion beam. J.Vac.Sci.and Technol.. (1998) 2538
  • 宇田雅広, 宇田雅広. 「水素プラズマー金属」反応における各種金属超微粒子発生の速度について. 日本金属学会誌. 48 (1984) 640
  • C.Masuda, C.Masuda. Numerical Analysis of the interface prpblem in continuous fiber ceramic composites. Computational MaterialS Design,Springer-Verlag. (1998) 12
  • M.Okada, R.Watanabe. Application of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to the Study of Carburization of Superalloy. Met.Trans.A,11A. (1980) 1645
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