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SATO, Naoki
305-0047 1-2-1 Sengen Tsukuba Ibaraki JAPAN [Access]

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  1. P. Rajasekaran, M. Arivanandhan, N. Sato, Y. Kumaki, T. Mori, Y. Hayakawa, K. Hayakawa, Y. Kubota, R. Jayavel, M. Shimomura. The effect of Sr and Sb co-doping on structural, morphological and thermoelectric properties of BaSnO3 perovskite material. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 894 (2022) 162335 10.1016/j.jallcom.2021.162335
  1. Takao Mori, Takashi Aizawa, S. N. Vijayaraghavan, Naoki Sato. Fabrication and Thermoelectric Properties of Chromium Silicide Thin Films. Sensors and Materials. 32 [7] (2020) 2433 10.18494/sam.2020.2889
  2. Zihang Liu, Naoki Sato, Quansheng Guo, Weihong Gao, Takao Mori. Shaping the Role of Germanium Vacancies in Germanium Telluride: Stabilization of The Metastable Cubic Structure, Band Structure Modification, and Stable N-type Conduction. NPG Asia Materials. 12 [1] (2020) 10.1038/s41427-020-00247-y
  3. Zihang Liu, Weihong Gao, Wenhao Zhang, Naoki Sato, Quansheng Guo, Takao Mori. High Power Factor and Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Sc and Bi Codoped GeTe: Insights into the Hidden Role of Rhombohedral Distortion Degree. Advanced Energy Materials. 10 [42] (2020) 2002588 10.1002/aenm.202002588
  4. Wenhao Zhang, Naoki Sato, Kazuki Tobita, Kaoru Kimura, Takao Mori. Unusual Lattice Dynamics and Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity in In2Te5 Due to Layered Structure and Planar-Coordinated Te-Chain. Chemistry of Materials. 32 [12] (2020) 5335-5342 10.1021/acs.chemmater.0c01710
  5. Cédric Bourgès, Naoki Sato, Takahiro Baba, Tetsuya Baba, Isao Ohkubo, Naohito Tsujii, Takao Mori. Drastic power factor improvement by Te doping on rare earth-free CoSb3-Skutterudite thin films. RSC Advances. 10 [36] (2020) 21129-21135 10.1039/d0ra02699a

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Presentations TSV

  1. 佐藤 直大. フォノン熱伝導制御に基づく高性能熱電材料の開発. 第二回駒場材料学セミナー. 2020
  2. ZHANG, Wenhao, SATO, Naoki, MORI, Takao, 飛田 一樹, 木村 薫. Bonding, Lattice dynamics and transport properties of In2Te5 compound. The 5th Asian Conference on Thermoelectrics (ACT5) & 6th Southeast Asia Conference on Thermoelectrics (SACT6) / 2020
  1. SON, Hyoung-Won, MORI, Takao, SATO, Naoki, Investigation of Interfacial Effect on Thermoelectric Properties of TiO2 Based Layered Composite Materials. MRM 2019. 2019
  2. リマ マリアナ, AIZAWA, Takashi, OHKUBO, Isao, 櫻井 岳暁, BOURGES, Cedric Michel Claude, SATO, Naoki, MORI, Takao, BABA, Takahiro, MBE Fabrication of Magnesium Stannide Thin Films. Materials Research Meeting 2019. 2019
  3. SATO, Naoki, 黒田 訓英, 桂 ゆかり, 木村 薫, MORI, Takao, 金沢 育三, Locally Distorted Structures with Multiple Anions Realize Ultralow Lattice Thermal Conductivity. Materials Research Meeting 2019. 2019
  4. BABA, Tetsuya, BABA, Takahiro, MORI, Takao, SATO, Naoki, Measurement of thermophysical property distribution by pulsed light heating thermoreflectance method with high spatial resolution. Materials Research Meeting 2019. 2019
  5. SATO, Naoki, ZHANG, Wenhao, MORI, Takao, 飛田 一樹, 木村 薫, Investigation of Thermoelectric Property of In2Te5 and the Origin of its Low Thermal Conductivity. Materials Research Meeting 2019. 2019
  6. 佐藤 直大, 黒田 訓英, 桂 ゆかり, 金沢 育三, 木村 薫, 森 孝雄. 歪んだ局所構造を有する複合アニオン化合物の低熱伝導率. 第80回応用物理学会秋季学術講演会. 2019
  7. MORI, Takao, TSUJII, Naohito, SATOH, Norifusa, OTSUKA, Masaji, AIZAWA, Takashi, OHKUBO, Isao, FAILAMANI, Fainan, TYNELLTommi Paavo, パキデル アミール, BOURGES, Cedric Michel Claude, Ernst Bauer, BABA, Tetsuya, SATO, Naoki. Materials and Applicative Issues for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting to Power IoT Sensors and Devices. 38th Annual International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT2019). 2019
  8. SATO, Naoki, ガン ペイセ, S.N. Vijayaraghavan, KAKEFUDA, Yohei, KAWAMOTO, Naoyuki, TSUJII, Naohito, MORI, Takao. Phonon transport analysis and microstructure control of Chalcopyrite CuFeS2. The 2019 Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS). 2019
  9. MORI, Takao, SATO, Naoki, FAILAMANI, Fainan, SON, Hyoung-Won. Utilization of mixed anions to develop thermoelectric materials. E-MRS 2019 Spring Meeting. 2019
  10. 佐藤 直大, ガン ペイセ, S.N. Vijayaraghavan, 掛札 洋平, 川本 直幸, 辻井 直人, 森 孝雄. カルコパイライトCuFeS2のフォノン輸送解析と微細構造制御. 第66回応用物理学会春季学術講演会. 2019
  11. SATO, Naoki, Pei Se Gan, S.N. Vijayaraghavan, KAKEFUDA, Yohei, KAWAMOTO, Naoyuki, TSUJII, Naohito, MORI, Takao. Phonon transport analysis and microstructure control of Chalcopyrite CuFeS2. MANA International Symposium 2019. 2019

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