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  • 立木昌, 胡暁, 胡暁, 立木昌, 胡暁, 胡暁. 超伝導磁束状態の不思議. 数理科学. 412 [10] (1997) 34-42
  • H. Kitazawa, A.Donni, P.Fischer, J. Tang, G. Kido, F.Fauth, M.Zolliker, A. Dönni, P. Fischer, F. Fauth, M. Zolliker. Magnetic properties of NdPtAl. Physica B: Condensed Matter. 234-236 (1997) 644-646 10.1016/s0921-4526(96)01071-x
  • 福島敬二, 岡田道哉, 佐藤淳一, 木吉司, KUMAKURA, Hiroaki, 戸叶一正, 和田仁, 福島敬二, 岡田道哉, 佐藤淳一, 木吉司, 戸叶一正, 和田仁. Persistent mode operation of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox/Ag stacked double pancake coils with superconducting joints. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 36 (1997)
  • 吉原一紘, 吉原一紘, 吉武 道子, 吉武道子. 表面分析入門. 材料科学. 34 (1997) 2
  • 岡本洋, ITAKURA, Akiko, YAKABE, Taro, NEJO, Hitoshi, 岡本洋. Fabrication of narrow gold wire using scanning tunnneling microscope. Japanese journal of Applied Physics. 36 [6] (1997) 3832-3833
  • 中村一隆, Masahiro Kitajima, 上岡功, 河辺隆也, Isao Kamioka, Takaya Kawabe, Kazutaka G. Nakamura. GeO desorption in reactive sacttering from oxygen molecular beam with a Ge(100) surface. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 36 [Part 1, No. 6A] (1997) 3469-3473 10.1143/jjap.36.3469
  • 黒田 聖治. 溶接のシミュレーション. 表面技術. 48 [9] (1997) 885-889
  • OHTSUKA, Hideyuki. Martensitic transformation. 日本鉄鋼協会 材料の組織と特性部会研究資料. 2 [8] (1997) 1-60
  • D.V.Golberg, M. Demura, T. Hirano, D. Golberg. Compressive flow stress of a binary stoichiometric Ni3Al single crystal. Scripta Materialia. 37 [11] (1997) 1777-1782 10.1016/s1359-6462(97)00339-4
  • Masanori Yata, Herve Rouch, 中村恵吉, Herve Rouch, Keikichi Nakamura. Kinetics of oxygen surfactant in Cu(001) homoepitaxial growth. Physical Review B. 56 [16] (1997) 10579-10584 10.1103/physrevb.56.10579
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