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論文の分野はクラリベイト・アナリティクス社のESI分類を参考に分類し(Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology)、ほか発表文献タイトル・抄録などから2006年以降刊行の論文検索を行うことができます。

最終更新時刻: 2021年01月20日

  • MICHIUE, Yuichi, 渡辺遵, IZUMI, Fujio, 森井幸生, 下条豊. Structure of lithium titanogallate prepared by ion exchange reaction. Progress Report on Neutron Scattering Research. (1997) 19
  • 高橋稔彦. 「超鉄鋼材料」研究のめざす高強度鋼. 溶接学会誌. 66 [8] (1997) 35-38
  • 安田裕行, HIRAGA, Keijiro, HIRAGA Keijiro. Cavity damage accumulation and fracture in SiO2-doped zirconia during superplastic deformation. Materials Science and Engnnering A. (1997) 343-346
  • 松本精一郎, 浅倉嘉哉, 平栗健二. Diamond synthesis by using very high frequency plasmas in parallel plate electrodes configuration. Applied Physics Letters. [18] (1997) 2707-2709
  • 小野田みつ子. 複雑多様な金属硫化物の結晶構造の解明. 日本結晶学会誌. [39] (1997) 347-357
  • 小野田みつ子, 和田弘昭, TANSHO, Masataka, 石井紀彦. Crystal structures of low-temperature phases(phase II) of ionic conductors Ag7TaS6 and Ag7NbS6. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. (1997) 39-44
  • Kiyoshi Ozawa, Yoshio Sakka, Muneyuki Amano. Preparation and electrical conductivity of three types of antimonic acid films. Journal of Materials Research. 13 [04] (1998) 830-833 10.1557/jmr.1998.0107
  • 杉山宗弘, 前山智, 渡辺義夫, 塚本史郎, KOGUCHI, Nobuyuki. Ga-S-Ga bridge bond formation in in-situ s-treated GaAs(001) surface observed by synchrotron radiation photoemission spectroscop. Applied Surface Science. (1998) 436-440
  • 羽多野 毅. 高温超伝導材料の研究. 企業情報 いばらき. 134 (1997) 8
  • J.Fils, 飛山洋一, 望月一雄, 志賀千晃. Characterisation of phosphate coating on ZINC,ZINC-Nickel and mild steel by impedance measurements in dilute sodium phosphate so. Corrosion Science. 39 [10] (1997) 1757-1770
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