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305-0044 茨城県つくば市並木1-1 [アクセス]

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論文 TSV

  1. Ken Sakaushi. Science of Electrode Processes in the 21st Century: Fundamental Understanding of Microscopic Mechanisms towards Advancing Electrochemical Technologies. Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. 94 [10] (2021) 2423-2434 10.1246/bcsj.20210272
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  6. Yosuke Hara, Manai Ono, Shoichi Matsuda, Kazuki Nakanishi, Kazuyoshi Kanamori, Ken Sakaushi. Tunable and Well-Defined Bimodal Porous Model Electrodes for Revealing Multiscale Structural Effects in the Nonaqueous Li–O2 Electrode Process. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 125 [2] (2021) 1403-1413 10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c10446
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  3. Ken Sakaushi. ナノ構造体の電子構造制御と構造-機能相間 ー高分子構造体を例としてー. CERAMICS JAPAN. (2020) 383-385
  4. Stuart C. Althorpe, William Barford, Jochen Blumberger, Callum Bungey, Irene Burghardt, Animesh Datta, Soumya Ghosh, Samuele Giannini, Tobias Grünbaum, Scott Habershon, Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, Sam Hay, Srinivasan Iyengar, Garth Jones, Aaron Kelly, Ksenia Komarova, Joseph Lawrence, Yair Litman, Jonathan Mannouch, David Manolopoulos, Craig Martens, Reinhard J. Maurer, Marko Melander, Mariana Rossi, Ken Sakaushi, Maximilian Saller, Addison Schile, Simone Sturniolo, George Trenins, Graham Worth. Emerging opportunities and future directions: general discussion. Faraday Discussions. 221 (2020) 564-581 10.1039/c9fd90077b
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書籍 TSV

  1. SAKAUSHI, Ken. Two-Dimensional Organic and Hybrid Porous Frameworks as Novel Electronic Material Systems: Electronic Properties and Advanced En. Functional Organic and Hybrid Nanostructured Materials. Fabrication, Properties and Applications. , 2018, 419-444.
  2. SAKAUSHI, Ken. Engineering 2D Materials. Materials Nanoarchitectonics. , 2018, 155-164.

会議録 TSV

口頭発表 TSV

  1. 坂牛 健. 最先端シミュレーション・実験手法の融合による次世代電極過程科学の確立を目指す調査研究. 第12回TIAシンポジウム. 2020
  2. 坂牛 健. 多孔性π共役高分子構造体が創発するエネルギー貯蔵・変換反応. 第28回規則性多孔体セミナー. 2020
  3. Ken Sakaushi, Hitoshi Asahina, Shoichi Matsuda, Kohei Uosaki. Confined-Space-Induced Side Reactions in Li-O2 Electrochemistry. PRiME 2020. 2020
  4. Ken Sakaushi. 量子電極過程:1931年から2020年までの総括と今後の展望. 日本化学会 第100春季年会 (2020) コラボレーション企画 TIA連携プログラム探索事業「かけはし」量子反応シンポジウム/ 2020
  1. SAKAUSHI, Ken. Modern Fundamental Electrode Process Science: Birth and Resurrection in Cambridge. JSPS-EPSRC Core-to Core International Workshop On Two-Dimensional Coordination Nanosheets. 2019
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  8. 坂牛 健. π共役系二次元構造体を用いた微視的エネルギー変換機構の理解と開拓. ナノシート科学:ナノシートの表面・界面科学と機能創発. 2019
  9. 坂牛 健. 多電子・多プロトン移動型電極過程における量子プロトントンネル効果の観測と解析. 横浜市立大学立川研セミナー. 2019
  1. マルクス エッカート, 坂牛 健, リャリン アンドレイ, マクシミリアン ヴァスナー, ニコラ ヒュージング, 武次徹也, ユルゲン ベーム. Influence of the Structure and the pH on the Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Nitrided Carbon as ORR catalysts. 16th Ulm Electrochemical Talks (UECT2018). 2018
  2. 坂牛 健. 二次電池電極材料における結晶/電子構造-電気化学特性相関の高精度化に関する研究. 全豊田分析部会向け講演会. 2018
  3. 坂牛 健. Li-ion電池の新しい電極材料:電子伝導性配位構造体. NIMS WEEK 2018. 2018
  4. 和田慶祐, 坂牛 健, 西原寛. Synthesis of Bis(diimino)nickel Coordination Nanosheet and their Energy Storage Applications. International Conference on Coordination Chemistry. 2018
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  6. 坂牛 健. Rationally-Assembled Frameworks as Model Material Systems for Basic Science of Energy Conversion/Storage Mechanisms. 6th WMRIF Early Career Scientist Summit. 2018
  7. 坂牛 健. Designer Materials to Unveil Microscopic Mechanisms of Energy Storage/Conversion Electrode Processes. NECEM Seminar. 2018
  8. 坂牛 健. Rationally-Assembled Frameworks as Model Material Systems for Basic Science of Energy Conversion/Storage Mechanisms: From Tunable-Electronic Properties to Controlled Electrochemical Reactions. Asian International Symposium in CSJ Annual Meeting. 2018
  9. M. Eckardt, 坂牛 健, M. Wassner, M. Wassner, R. J. Behm. Influence of the N-content on the ORR activity and mechanism on nitrogen doped carbon spheres. 51st German Catalysis. 2018
  10. 和田, 坂牛 健, 西原. Two-Dimensional Coordination Framework for Rechargeable Energy Storage Device. MANA International Symposium 2018. 2018

その他の文献 TSV

  1. Antonios M. Alvertis, William Barford, Susannah Bourne Worster, Irene Burghardt, Animesh Datta, Arend Dijkstra, Thomas Fay, Soumya Ghosh, Tobias Grünbaum, Scott Habershon, P. J. Hore, David Hutchinson, Srinivasan Iyengar, Alex R. Jones, Garth Jones, Ksenia Komarova, Joseph Lawrence, Jérémie Léonard, Yair Litman, Jonathan Mannouch, David Manolopoulos, Craig Martens, Manel Mondelo-Martell, David Picconi, Dave Plant, Ken Sakaushi, Maximilian A. C. Saller, Addison Schile, Gregory D. Scholes, Javier Segarra-Martí, Francesco Segatta, Alessandro Troisi, Graham Worth. Quantum coherence in complex environments: general discussion. FARADAY DISCUSSIONS. (2020) 168-201 10.1039/c9fd90076d
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特許 TSV

    1. 特開2019153456号 高出力密度二次電池用電極材料及びそれを用いた高出力密度二次電池 (2019)
    2. 特開2019121560号 二次電池用電極材料及びそれを用いた高出力密度二次電池 (2019)