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  • S.Hil, UJI, Shinya, P.S.Sandhu, J.S.Brooks, L.Segar. A Comparison of the High Field Quantum Oscillations Observed by Electrodynamic Response and DC Transport Techniques in the Organ. Synthetic Metals. (1997) 1955-1956
  • MAMIYA, Hiroaki, NAKATANI, Isao. Effects of Cooling Field on Magnetic Relaxation for an Iron-Nitride Fine particle System. Journal of Applied Physics(J.Appl.Phys). (1997) 4733-4735
  • KITAZAWA, Hideaki, A.Donni(PSI), P.Fischer, TANG, Jie, 木戸義勇, F.Fauth, M.Zolliker. Magnetic Properties of NdPtAl. Physica B. (1997) 644-646
  • S.Valfell, UJI, Shinya, P.Kuhns, A.Kleinhammes, W.Moulton, J.S.Brooks, 高橋聰, 山田順一, 安西弘行. 77Se NMR Study of the Spin Density Wave State in (TMTSF)2PF6. Synthetic Metals. (1997) 4571-4572
  • FUJII, Hiroki, KITAGUCHI, Hitoshi, KUMAKURA, Hiroaki, 戸叶一正. Effect of Oxygen Partial Pressure on Grain Boundaries in Bi-2212/Ag Tapes. Physica C. (1997) 2567-2568
  • UJI, Shinya, S.Valfells(NHMFL), J.S.Brooks, 山本建, 岡野芳則, 澤博, 加藤礼三. Phase Transition and Magnetoresistance in a Quasi-one-dimensional Conductor(TMET-STF)2Au(CN)2. Synthetic Metals. (1997) 2035-2036
  • J.S.Brooks, UJI, Shinya, S.Valfells, S.Hill, Z.Fisk, J.Sarrao. High Magnetic Field Ground State in the Molecular Conductor η-Mo4011. Synthetic Metals. (1997) 1963-1964
  • TANG, Jie, MATSUSHITA, Akiyuki, 松本武彦, 岡田勇一, 山田裕, 堀井滋, 小阪孝行. Pressure Effect on Tc in RBa2Cu4O8(R=Sm,Er,Ho,Gd) Superconductors. Physica C. (1997) 1443-1444
  • MAMIYA, Hiroaki, NAKATANI, Isao, FURUBAYASHI, Takao, TANG, Jie, 小野田雅重. Structural and Magnetic Studies on Vanadium Spinel MgV2O4. Journal of Applied Physics(J.Appl.Phys). (1997) 5289-5291
  • 横川忠晴, 原田広史, 大野勝美, 吉武俊一, H.K.D.H.Bhadeshia. Ni基超合金のr/r相格子定数ミスフィットの温度依存性の測定とその予測式の作成. 耐熱金属材料第123委員会研究報告集. (1997) 177-184
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