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  • 武井厚, 新居和嘉, 新居和嘉. The Adherence of Oxide Film to 80Ni-20Cr Alloys. 第5回国際金属腐食会議論文集. (1972) 696
  • K. Masumoto, T. Kiyosawa, I. Nakatani. Effect of thermal treatment in sulfur atmosphere on the magnetic properties of ferromagnetic semiconductor CdCr2S4 single crystals. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids. 34 [3] (1973) 569-572 10.1016/0022-3697(73)90052-8
  • 依田連平, 吉田平太郎, 渡辺亨, 佐藤有一, 小池喜三郎. Effect of Carbon on High Temperature Properties of Type 304 and 316 Austenitic Steels and on High Temperature St. 金材技研和文研究報告. 15 (1972) 4
  • 古林英一, 吉田秀彦, 遠藤紘. Electron Microscope Study on Precipitaion Sites in a Deformed Fe-Al-N Alloy. Metal Sci. J.. 7 (1973) 65
  • 古林英一. Annealing Stages of Dislocations and Loops in a Deformed Fe-5at%S:Alloy. J.J.A.P.. 12 (1973) 14
  • Ei-ichi Furubayashi. The Nature of Debris Loops in Deformed α Iron. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan. 33 [2] (1972) 568-568 10.1143/jpsj.33.568
  • 金沢健二, 吉田進, 吉田進. Observation of Fracture Surfaces of Low Cycle Fatigue at High Temperature for SUS32 Stainless Steel by a Scannin. 材料. 21 (1972) 222
  • 稲垣道夫, 西川淳, 頴娃一夫. Development and Its Application of Weld Thermal-Restraint Stress and Strain-Cycles Simulator. 溶接学会誌. 41 (1972) 11
  • 小口醇, 吉田進, 信木稔. On the Effect of Pressurezing of Pure Copper. Trans. JIM. 14 (1973) 2
  • T Kodama. An improved method for the calculation of the thickness and the optical constants of a thin film by ellipsometry. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. 5 [6] (1972) 1160-1163 10.1088/0022-3727/5/6/320
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