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  • MICHIUE, Yuichi, WATANABE, Mamoru, Yuichi Michiue, Mamoru Watanabe, 道上勇一, 渡辺遵. Molecular Dynamics Studies for the Temperature Dependence of the Local Arrangement and Dynamical Properties of Sodium Ions in On. Journal of Materials Chemistry. 11 (2001) 3103-3109 10.1039/b103462f
  • X.G.Qiu, H.Koinuma, M.Iwasaki, T.Itoh, Sarin Kumar A.K., M.Kawasaki, E.Saitoh, Y.Tokura, K Takehana, G Kido, Y.Segawa, X.G Qiu, H Koinuma, M Iwasaki, T Itoh, Sarin Kumar A.K, M Kawasaki, E Saitoh, Y Tokura, Y Segawa. c-axis charge dynamics in oxygen deficient(110) YBa2Cu3O7-δ films. Physica C: Superconductivity. 362 [1-4] (2001) 305-309 10.1016/s0921-4534(01)00693-1
  • 菱沼良光, 山本隆勲, 平野慎治, 吉澤秀二, 松永晃治, 西村新, MATSUMOTO, Akiyoshi, KUMAKURA, Hiroaki, 菱沼良光, 山本隆勲, 平野慎治, 吉澤秀二, 松永晃治, 西村新. Improvement of Jc and mechanical property in Bi-2223/Ag wires composite bulk. Physica C. 357 (2001) 824-827
  • AIZAWA, Takashi, HAYAMI, Wataru, OTANI, Shigeki, Shigeki Otani. Surface phonon dispersion of ZrB2(0001) and NbB2(0001). Physical Review B. 65 [2] (2001) 024303 10.1103/physrevb.65.024303
  • Y.W.Kim, MITOMO, MAMORU, G.D.Zhan, Young-Wook Kim, Mamoru Mitomo, Guo-Dong Zhan, Y.W.Kim, 三友護, G.D.Zhan. Microstructure control of liquid-phase-sintered beta-SiC by seeding. Journal of Materials Science Letters. 20 (2001) 2217-2220 10.1023/a:1017941202756
  • Zhigang Zou, YE, Jinhua, Arakawa Hironori, Zhigang Zou, Hironori Arakawa, Zhigang Zou, Arakawa Hironori. Photocatalytic behavior of a new series of In0.8M0.2O4 (M=Ni,Cu,Fe) photocatalysts in aqueous solutions. Catalysis Letters. 75 (2001) 209-213 10.1023/a:1016791921735
  • 片桐昌彦, 小野寺秀博. 水素誘起アモルファス化における副格子の弾性論的不安定化の役割. 日本金属学会誌. 65 [3] (2001) 159-162
  • 片桐昌彦, ONODERA, Hidehiro. Hydrogen-Induced Phase Transformation. Journal of Phase Equilibria. 22 [4] (2001) 418-423 10.1361/105497101770332974
  • KOBAYASHI, Kazuaki. First-principles study of the electronic properties of transition metal nitride surface. Surface Science. 493 [1-3] (2001) 665-670 10.1016/s0039-6028(01)01280-8
  • 尾方成信, HIROSAKI, Naoto, Cenk Kocer, 北川浩, 尾方成信, Cenk Kocer, 北川浩. An ab initio calculation of the ideal tensile strength of β-silicon nitride. Physical Review B. 64 [17] (2001)
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