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  • TAKAZAWA, Ken, ABE, Haruo. Landau Level of Gaseous Nitric Oxide studied by Two-Color Multiphoton Ionization Spectroscopy. The Journal of Chemical Physics. (1999)
  • 村松由樹. レーザースペックルひずみ測定法の溶接への応用. 光アライランス(日本工業出版). (1999)
  • Y.C.Guo, 田中吉秋, 黒田恒生, S.X.Dou, Z.Q.Yang. Addition of nanometer SiC in the silver-sheathed Bi2223 superconducting tapes. Phisica C. (1999)
  • 中田毅, 久保田智, 春日井孝昌, 頴娃一夫, 小林竜彦. 片状黒鉛鋳鉄の熱処理特性におよぼすSiおよびオーステナイト化温度の影響. 鋳造工学. (1999)
  • MOCHIKU, Takashi, 中原美土里, 神山崇, 浅野肇, HIRATA, Kazuto. Neutron Powder Diffraction of Sr1.9Nd1.1Cu2.1Nb0.O8 and Sr2(Nd0.75Ce0.25)2Cu2NbO10. KENS REPORT-ⅩⅡ. (1999)
  • 磯田幸宏, 西田勲夫, 大橋修. ホウ素添加FeSi2熱電半導体の電子伝導機構. 日本金属学会誌. (1999)
  • L.Y.Xiao, 木吉司, 尾崎修, 和田仁. Case Study on Quench Evolution and Passive Protection of High Tc Superconducting Pancake Coil. Cryogenics. (1999)
  • KITAGUCHI, Hitoshi, Hanping MIAO, KUMAKURA, Hiroaki, 戸叶一正. Relationship between Bi-2212 layer thickness and Jc enhancement by PAIR Process. Phisica C. (1999)
  • 阿部英司, 蔡安邦, 蔡安邦. 金属の5弁花ー準結晶はなぜできる?. BOUNDARY. (1999)
  • KURODA, Seiji, P.Blazdell, P.Blazdell. Plasma Spraying of submicron Ceramic Supensions Using a continnons Jet Printer. Materials Science and Engineering,A. (1999)
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