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機構に所属する研究者の発表した論文を、タイトル・抄録・分野などから検索することができます。論文の分野はクラリベイト社のESI分類を参考に分類しています(Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biologyなど)。

最終更新日: 2024年04月18日

  • 佐々木高義, NAKANO, Satoshi, 渡辺遵. Fabrication of titanium dioxide thin flakes and their porous aggregate. Chemistry of Materials. (1997) 602-608
  • KOBAYASHI, Takamichi, 田代優, 関根利守, 佐藤忠夫. Phase transformation of turbostratic BN by shock compression. Chemistry of Materials. (1997) 233-236
  • 関根利守, KOBAYASHI, Takamichi, 行木啓記. Effects of deviatoric stress and radial strain on the shock-induced diffusionless transformation in boron nitride. Journal of Applied Physics. (1997) 527-529
  • OTANI, Shigeki, 相澤俊, 石澤芳夫. Preparation of ReB2 single crystals by the floating zone method. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. (1997) 19
  • TANAKA, Hidehiko. Simulation of initial-stage sintering with two-sphere model. Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan. (1997) 294-298
  • 末松久幸, 三友護, T.E.Mitchell, J.J.Petrovic, 福長脩, OHASHI, Naoki. . Journal of the American Ceramic Society. (1997) 615-620
  • 太田智子, 泉富士夫, 及川健一, 神山崇. Rietveld analysis of intensity data taken on the TOF neutron power diffractometer VEGA. Phisica B. (1997) 1093-1095
  • HISHITA, Shunichi, OYOSHI, Keiji, SUEHARA, Shigeru, AIZAWA, Takashi. Effect of oxygen adsorption on ion beam induced recrystallization of copper films. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B. (1997) 157-161
  • NISHIMURA, Toshiyuki, 三友護, 末松久幸. High temperature strength of silicon nitride ceramics with ytterbium silicon oxynitride. Journal of the Materials Research. (1997) 203-209
  • Y.Messaddeq, INOUE, Satoru, C.T.M.Ribeiro, L.A.O.Nunes. Spectroscopy of InF3 based glasses containing a large amount of GdF3. Jornal of Non-Crystalline Solids. (1997) 179-183
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