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  • 渡辺敏昭, C.Roth, IWASAKI, Satoshi, 福澤章. Material and heat balances of continuous selective oxidation process. ISIJ International. (1997)
  • 守谷英明, 長井寿. 応力-ひずみ曲線のひずみ速度依存性を考える. Boundary. (1997)
  • 堀内繁雄, L.L.He, J.H.Huang, 谷口尚, 赤石實. . Journal of Surface Analysis. (1997) 197-202
  • 西田勲夫. 熱電変換技術における熱物性. 日本熱物性学会誌 熱物性. (1997)
  • ABE, Hideki, SUZUKI, Hiroyuki, KITAZAWA, Hideaki, 松本武彦, 木戸義勇. Successive field induced magnetic phase transitions of heavy fermion compound CeRh2Si2. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan. (1997)
  • O.A.Louchev, 佐藤洋一郎, P.A.Dennig. Influence of nanoscale surface curvature on prenucleation phenomena in chemical vapor deposition diamond growth. Applied Physics Letters. (1997)
  • 張学志. Solidification modes and microstructure of Fe-Cr alloys solidified at different undercoating. Materials Science and Engnnering. (1997)
  • 野田哲二. 高純度SiC複合材の製造と同位体制御. 原子力工業. (1997)
  • 曽我公平, 津田正宏, 櫻木伸一郎, 井上博之, INOUE, Satoru, 牧島亮男. Effects of chloride introduction on the optical properties and the upconversion emission with 980-nm excitation of Er3+ in ZBLAN. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. (1997) 272-281
  • 福富勝夫, 斎藤正和, KOMORI, Kazunori, 戸叶一正. Preparation of in-plane textured buffer layers for YBa2Cu3Oy film growth by modilied bias sputtering. Applied Superconductivity. (1997)
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