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  • 菊地直人, 細野秀雄, 川副博司, 大吉啓司, HISHITA, Shunichi. Transparent,conducting,amorphous oxides;effect of chemical composition on electrical and optical properties of cadmium germanate. Journal of American Ceramic Society. (1997) 22-26
  • 重谷寿士, 小林和義, 藤本正之, 杉村渉, 松井良夫, 田中順三. BaTiO3 thin films grown on SrTiO3 substrates by a molecular-beam-epitaxy method using oxygen radicals. Journal of Applied Physics. (1997) 693-697
  • Bong Mo Park, KITAMURA, Kenji, 古川保典, Yang Yang Ji. Relation between mechanical twinning and cracking in stoichiometric lithium niobate single crystal. Journal of American Ceramics Society. (1997) 2689-2692
  • スリカンスバラナシ, AKAISHI, Minoru, 山岡信夫, YAMADA, Hirohisa, TANIGUCHI, Takashi. Diamond synthesis from graphite in the presence of MnCO3. Journal of the American Ceramic Society. (1997) 786-790
  • 岡本祐介, HIROSAKI, Naoto, 秋宗淑雄, 三友護. . Journal of Ceramic Society of Japan. (1997) 476-478
  • 大吉啓司, 菱田俊一. イオンビームによる無機材料の結晶成長. 表面科学. (1997) 297-303
  • 浜野隆一. On Microstructure Immnne to Fatigue Failure in a Corrosive Environment. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. (1997)
  • KOMATSU, Shojiro, Walter Yarbrough, 守吉佑介. Structural stability of hydrogenated(100) surface of cubic boron nitride in comparison with diamond. Journal of Applied Physics. (1997) 7798-7805
  • INOUE, Satoru, WADA, Kenji, 貫井昭彦, 山根正之, 柴田修一, 安盛敦雄, 矢野哲司, 牧島亮男, 井上博之, 曽我公平. Estimation of phase separation rates of BaO-B2O3 melts under cooling. Physics and Chemistry of Glasses. (1997) 197-200
  • 高橋敦史, 山口仁, 五十嵐淑郎. デスフェリオキサミンBを用いる数種の高原子化金属イオンの均一液液抽出法. 分析化学. (1997) 55-58
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