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  • 横井信, 新谷紀雄, 田中秀雄. Creep Properties of 2/4Cr-1Mo Steel in Relation to Microstructure. 日本鉄鋼協会. 1974
  • 伊藤秀之, 桑江良教, 植竹一蔵. 渦流探傷における信号源の重なりによる指示について。. NDI第3分科会. 1974
  • 石川圭介, H.C.Kim, H.C.Kim. On Study of Acoustic Emission and Material Characteristics. 日本金属学会. 1974
  • 板垣孟彦, 渡辺亨, KOBAYASHI, Toshiharu. The high temperature creep rupture,Forginability and Deoxidizing Treatments of Nichrome Type Alloys Contained W.. 日本金属学会. 1974
  • 古屋一夫, 永田徳雄, 渡辺亮治. Dヂピピ and High-Temperature Tensile Properties of Niobium Alloys Containing Zircomium and Molybdenum. 日本金属学会. 1974
  • D.J.Johnson, 冨塚功, 冨塚功. The Fine Structure of Lignin and Pitch-Based Carbon Fibre. Plastics Institute Carbon Fibre Confer. 1974
  • 海江田義也, 小口醇, 小口醇. Influence of High Hydrostatic Pressure on the Stress-Strain Curve of 17-7PH Stainless Steel. 日本金属学会. 1974
  • 伊藤 喜久男, 太刀川恭治, 田中吉秋. Studies on the Multifilamentary V3Ga Wire. Applied Superconductivity Conference. 1974
  • 金沢健二, 山口弘二, 佐々木正成. High-Temperature Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of SUS403-B Steel. 材料研究連合講演会. 1974
  • 塩田一路, 渡辺治, 渡辺治. Solid State Reaction between Carbon and Nickel (2) On the Graphitization Mechanism. 日本金属学会. 1974
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