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Research Center for Advanced Measurement and CharacterizationCategory list
Nano Characterization FieldSurface Characterization GroupSurface Chemical Analysis GroupNanomechanics GroupHigh Field NMR GroupAtomic Strucuture and Physics FieldElectron Microscopy GroupIn-situ Characterization Technique Development GroupSurface Physics and Characterization GroupHigh Magnetic Field Physics GroupQuantum Beam FieldNeutron Scattering GroupPhoton and Ion Beam Physics GroupSynchrotron X-ray Group
International Center for Materials NanoarchitectonicsCategory list
Nano-Materials FieldSoft Chemistry GroupFunctional Nanosheets GroupMesoscale Materials Chemistry GroupNanotubes GroupSupermolecules GroupSemiconductor Device Materials GroupFrontier Molecules GroupPhotocatalytic Materials GroupThermal Energy Materials GroupNanostructured Semiconducting Materials GroupNano-System FieldNano Functionality Integration GroupNanoionic Devices GroupThin Film Electronics GroupQuantum Device Engineering GroupSurface Quantum Phase Materials GroupNano-System Theoretical Physics GroupNano Frontier Superconducting Materials GroupPhotonics Nano-Engineering GroupMedical Soft Matter GroupNanomechanical Sensors GroupMechanobiology GroupPhotocatalytic Materials GroupThermal Energy Materials GroupPhotonics Nano-Engineering GroupNanostructured Semiconducting Materials GroupTissue Regeneration Materials GroupMedical Soft Matter GroupNanomechanical Sensors GroupMechanobiology GroupNano-Theory FieldMaterial Properties Theory GroupFirst-Principles Simulation Group(TBD)
Research Center for Functional MaterialsCategory list
Electric and Electronic Materials FieldElectroceramics GroupCeramics Surface and Interface GroupWide Bandgap Materials GroupSemiconductor Nano-interfaces GroupHigh-Temperature Superconducting Wire GroupLow-Temperature Superconducting Wire GroupOptical Materials FieldOptical Single Crystals GroupSialon GroupColloidal Crystal Materials GroupNanophotonics GroupEpitaxial Nanostructures GroupPlasmonics GroupQuantum Materials FieldQuantum Transport Properties GroupQuantum Solid State Materials GroupSuperconducting Materials Synthesis GroupStrongly Correlated Materials GroupSuperconductor Quantum Phase Engineering GroupFunctional Powder and Advanced Ceramics FieldCeramics Processing GroupField-Assisted Sintering GroupFine Particles Engineering GroupOrganic Molecules and Polymers FieldMolecular Design and Function GroupElectronic Functional Macromolecules GroupBiomaterials FieldPolymeric Biomaterials GroupBioceramics GroupCellular Functional Nanobiomaterials GroupNanomedicine GroupTissue Regeneration Materials GroupExploring Function FieldMagnetoelectric Crystal GroupHigh Pressure GroupCarbon Composite Materials GroupFunctional Clay Materials Group
Center for Green Research on Energy and Environmental MaterialsCategory list
Battery Research PlatformRechargeable Battery Materials GroupPhotovoltaic Materials GroupThermoelectric Materials GroupHydrogen Production Materials GroupInterfacial Enegy Conversion GroupInterface Computational Science GroupAdvanced Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials GroupC4GR-Global Research Center for Environment and Energy based on Nanomaterials ScienceComputational Materials Science FieldNano-interface Characterization FieldBatteries and Fuel Cells FieldSolar Energy Conversion FieldAll Solid State Battery Specially Promoted Research TeamLithium Air Battery Specially Promoted Research TeamAd hoc Team on Perovskite PV CellsTechnology Integration Unit
Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic MaterialsCategory list
Magnetic Materials GroupMagnetic Recording Materials GroupSpintronics GroupMagnetic Materials Analysis GroupSpin Caloritronics GroupSpin Physics GroupElements Strategy Initiative Center for Magnetic MaterialsPlanning OfficeComputational Material Science GroupMaterial Processing GroupStructure & Property Characterization Group
Research Center for Structural MaterialsCategory list
(TBD)Forging PlatformStructural Materials Analysis PlatformStructural Materials Testing PlatformCreep Testing GroupFatigue and Corrosion Testing GroupRCSM-SIP Lab.SIP-Forging LabSIP-Social Infrastructure Materials LabSocial Infrastructure Materials FieldCorrosion Resistant Alloy GroupVibration Control Materials GroupCorrosion Resistant Steel GroupEnergy Infrastructure Materials FieldHigh Temperature Material Design GroupSuperalloy Research GroupSurface and Interface Kinetics GroupStructural Non-oxide Ceramics GroupTribology GroupTransportation Machinery Materials FieldHigh Strength Materials GroupPolymer Matrix Hybrid Composite Materials GroupAdhesive Materials GroupMaterials Reliability FieldFatigue Property GroupCorrosion Property GroupMaterials Strength Standard and Technology GroupCreep Property GroupStructural Materials Technology FieldPlasticity Processing GroupWelding and Joining Technology GroupIntegrated Smart Materials GroupLight-Weight Metallic Materials GroupStructural Materials Science FieldComputational Structural Materials Design GroupMicrostructure Analysis Technology GroupAdhesion and Surface Science Group
Research Network and Facility Services DivisionCategory list
Administrative TeamOpen Facilities Promotion TeamMicrostructural Characterization PlatformNanofabrication PlatformMolecules and Materials Synthesis PlatformCenter for GaN Characterization and AnalysisNumerical Materials Simulator StationMaterials Manufacturing and Engineering StationMaterials Analysis StationTransmission Electron Microscopy StationSynchrotron X-ray Station at SPring-8High Magnetic Field StationNanotechnology Innovation StationCenter for Nanotechnology Platform(TBD)Promotion Office for Microstructural Characterization PlatformNIMS Office at EmpaAmano-Koide Collaborative Research Lab
Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated SystemCategory list
SIP-MI LabMaterials Integration System TeamMicrostructure Prediction TeamCreep Performance TeamFatigue Performance TeamPractical Information-Theoretic Analysis TeamMOP-MI LaboratoryCenter for Materials Research by Information IntegrationInformation Integrated Materials Design FieldInformation Integrated Explorative Research FieldData PlatformMaterials Data Platform CenterMaterials Advanced Database GroupMaterials Data Registry GroupMaterials Data Curation GroupMaterials Repository GroupMaterials Integration GroupPublishing TeamLibrary TeamData System Team
Human Resources DivisionCategory list
International Center for Young ScientistsICYS-SENGENICYS-NAMIKI

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