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  • 福田州洋, IIJIMA, Yasuo, 竹内孝夫, 井上廉. Some Superconducting Characteristics of Nb3Al Composite Wires Prepared Rapid-Quenching Process. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity. (1997) 1572-1575
  • 田中美代子, 古屋一夫, 斎藤鉄哉. TEM Observation of FIB Induced Damage in Metal/Silicon thin Films. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physical Research Section B(Nucl.Inst.Meth.B). (1997) 98-101
  • OHNUMA, Masato, 鈴木淳市, 舩橋達, ONODERA, Hidehiro, 濱口由和. Small Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering Study on Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Alloys. Materials Science and Engneering A. (1997) 183-186
  • KITAZAWA, Hideaki, TANG, Jie, NIMORI, Shigeki, 伊賀文俊, Andress Donni, 松本武彦, 木戸義勇. Magnetic Phase Transitions of Competing System CePtAl. Physica B. (1997) 212-214
  • TAKEUCHI, Takao, IIJIMA, Yasuo, 井上廉, 和田仁. Effect of Flat-Roll Forming on Critical Current Density Characteristics and Microstructure of Nb3Al Multifiramentary Conductors. IEEE Transactionson Applied Superconductivity. (1997) 1529-1532
  • KISHIMOTO, Naoki, V.T.Gritsyna, KONO, Kenichiro, AMEKURA, Hiroshi, 斎藤鉄哉. Negative Copper Ion Implantation into Silica Glasses at High Dose Rates and the Optical Measurements. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physical Research Section B. (1997) 579-582
  • HONO, Kazuhiro, 張援, 井上明久, 桜井利夫. APFIM Studies on Nanocrystallization of Amorphous Alloys. Materials Science Engineering A. (1997) 498-502
  • 宍戸統悦, YE, Jinhua, 佐々木孝彦, 高橋利次, 小原和夫, 野本竜之介, 松本武彦, 福田承生. Growth of the Single Crystals in the Systems with R-Rh-B and R-Rh-B-C from Molten Copper Flux. Journal of Solid State Chemistry. (1997) 82-87
  • 太田昭彦, 鈴木直之, 前田芳夫. Unique Fatigue Threshold and Growth Properties of Welded Joints in Tensile Residual Stress Field. International Journal of Fatigue. (1997) 5303-5309
  • HONO, Kazuhiro, H.G.Read, 蔡安邦, 井上明久. Preliminary Atom Probe Studies of PdNi(Cu)P Supercooled Liquid. Materials Science Engineering A. (1997) 453-457
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