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  • PING, De-hai, 宝宝和博, 広沢哲. Effct of Cu and on the Microstructure and Magnetic properties of Fe3B/Nb2Fe14B Nanocomposite Permanent Magnets.. IEEE Ttsnd Mag. ()
  • 阿久津智, SAKKA, Yoshio, SUZUKI, Tohru, HIRAGA, Keijiro, 伊藤滋. Colloidal Processing and some Properties of Alumina Dispevsed Telraponal Zirconia. Transactions of the Materials Roseaich Socisty of Japan. ()
  • A.Rar, S.Hofmann, I.Yoshihara, K.Kajiwara. Sputter Depth Profiling og GaAs/AsAl Multilayers:Dependence of the Depth Resolution Parameters on the Profiling Conditions.. Journal of Scerface Analysis. ()
  • 宋明暉, 古屋一夫, 田辺龍彦, 野田哲二. High-Resolution Electron Microscopy of r-TiAe IN-situ Irradiated with 15kev He Ioms in HVTEM.. J.of Eleitron Microscopy. ()
  • 木戸義勇, TAKAMASU, Tadashi, 及川善和, 遠藤彰, 加藤真由美, 勝本信吾, 家康弘. Observation of Negative Resistance in Qnatnlum Hall Regine of the Sanples with Inner Current Confactsl.. Physica B. ()
  • 藤綱宣之, 九津見敬之, 板垣冨士雄, 五十嵐正晃, 阿部冨士雄. 高Crフェライト系耐熱鋼の高温化を目指した材料設計に関する基礎検討. 耐熱金属材料 第123委員会 研究報告. ()
  • 竹口雅樹, 古屋一夫, 吉原一紘. SiO2 の ESD 分解によって形成されたSiナノ結晶の構造観察と EELS 分析 . Journal of Electron Microslopy. ()
  • 上床美也, 鈴木博之, 北澤英明, 木戸義勇. CeGa 単結晶の磁性. Physica B. ()
  • PING, De-hai, HONO, Kazuhiro, 井上明久, Y.Q.Wu. Atomprobe Characterization of an α-Fe/Nb2 Fe14B Nanocomposite Magnet With the Remaining Amorphous Phase. IEEE Trams Mag. ()
  • 戸叶一正, KUMAKURA, Hiroaki, KITAGUCHI, Hitoshi, FUJII, Hiroki, H.Miao. Micostructure Controls and Their Effects on the Properties of Bi2 Sr2 Cu2 Ox Superconductors. Bulletin of Materials Seience. ()
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