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Last updated: July 17, 2024

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  • KITAZAWA, Hideaki, Andreas Doni, 木戸義勇. Magnetic properities of field oriented hexagonal TbPdAl. Phisica B. ()
  • 呉源, 竹口雅樹, 古屋一夫. HRTEM study on the structive of Ge nanoparticles by using UHV-MBE-TEM system. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. ()
  • NAKATANI, Isao, 谷山智安, 山崎陽太郎, 並川建. Magnetization Process of Zigzag Shaped Co Wire. IEEE Trans.Magn. ()
  • J.Ye, A.Matsushita, Z.Zou, J.Ye, A.Matsushita, Z.Zou. Pressure Induced Tc and Structurel Variations of PrBa2Cu3OX Superconductor. Acta Crgstnllograptica. ()
  • 中村明子(板倉明子), KITAJIMA, Masahiro, 成島哲也, R.Berger, Ch.Gerber, J.K.Gimzewsski. Desorkption Induced Change in Surface Stress of Self-assembry Dodecanethiol Monolayer on Gold. Japanise Journal of Applied Physics. ()
  • 桜井桜井健次, 郭暁梅, 郭暁梅. Mechanical solid-state formation of Yi-xCexAlO3 and its application as an x-ray suintillator. Materials scienel and Engineering. ()
  • 山崎政義, 本郷宏通, 渡部隆, 木村一弘, 田辺龍彦, 入江宏定, 松尾孝. SUS304のクリープ速度1時間曲線に及ぼす温度の影響. 材料とプロセス. ()
  • 岸本直樹, 梅田直樹, 武田良彦, V.T.Gritsyna, T.J.Renk, M.O.Thompson. 大電流負イオン注入による絶縁体中のナノ粒子の照射下における成長と再分布. Vacuum. ()
  • ARAKI, Hiroshi, 楊文, 施鷹, 佐東信司, 野田哲二, 香山晃. Bending Properities of CVI SiCf/SiC COmposites at Elevated temperature. The American Ceramic Society. ()
  • 宗木政一, 五十嵐正晃, 阿部冨士雄. 析出硬化型Cフリーマルテンサイト鋼のクリープ特性. 材料とプロセス. ()
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