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Last updated: July 17, 2024

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  • 菅野量子(日立基礎研), 小野木敏之, 平田和人, 立木昌. Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ無秩序磁束線格子の二段階融解現象. Physica B-Condersed Matter. ()
  • HONO, Kazuhiro, PING, De-hai. Atom probe studies of microstructural evolution in nanocrystalline soft and hard magnetic materials. Mater.Sci.Eng.A.. ()
  • 上村彰, HIRATA, Kazuto, MOCHIKU, Takashi. Study on Pinning Effect for Vorties on Bi-2212 Single Crystals Using a Bitter Decoration Technique. J.of Low Temperature Physics. ()
  • HIRATA, Kazuto, MOCHIKU, Takashi, Michael Rapp, Werner Prusseit. Study on Current-Voltage Characteristies in the Mesa-Stractured Bi-2212 Single Crystals in Magnetic Fields. J.of Low Temperture Physics. ()
  • KIYOSHI, Tsukasa, KITAGUCHI, Hitoshi, KOSUGE, Michio, YUYAMA, Michinari, NAGAI, Hideo, 和田仁, 岡田道哉, 田中和英, 和久田毅, 大圃一実, 佐藤淳一. Generation of 23.4T using Two Bi-2212 Insert Coils. IEEE Trans.Applied Superconductivity. ()
  • 胡暁. Spin-gap phenomenon by an SO(5) model. Physica B. ()
  • 今中康貴, 高増正, 木戸義勇, G.Karczewski, T.Wojtowicz, J.Kossut. 強磁場における希薄磁性2次元電子ガスCdMnTe/CdMgTe のサイクロトロン共鳴. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. ()
  • 武田良彦, J.P.Zhao(上海冶金研究所), C.G.Lee, V.T.Gritsyna, 岸本直樹. 大電流負Cuイオン注入によって作製したCuナノ微粒子埋込み絶縁体の非線形光学特性. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B. ()
  • 胡暁. Antiferromagnetism and superconductivity transitions with SO(5) symmetry. Journal of Low Temperature Physics. ()
  • 古屋一夫, 宋明暉, 三石和貴, ロバート・バーチャー, チャーリーアレン, ステファンド・ネリ. In-situ HRTEM of Metastable Inent-gas Nanocrystals embedded in Al. Mater.Science.Engr.. ()
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