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  • 上原慎司, 政本武寿, 小野寺昭史, 上野昌紀, 下村理, TAKEMURA, Kenichi. Equation of state of the rocksalt phase of III-V nitrides to 72GPa or higher. Journal of Physics & Chemistry of Solids. (1997) 2093-2099
  • 高田俊洪, 早川博, 秋葉悦男, IZUMI, Fujio, B.C.Chakoumakos. Novel synthesis process and structure refinements of Li4Mn5O12 for rechargeable lithium batteries. Journal of Power Sources. (1997) 613-617
  • 大沢吉直, 後藤義人, 秋本順二, 相馬貢, 角田達朗, 早川博, 小野田みつ子. Preparation,characterization and intercalation of ternary chalcogenides with layered composite crystal structures formed in the . Solid State Ionics. (1997)
  • 千葉利信, M.Hasegawa, Z.Tang, AKAHANE, Takashi, A.A.Manuel, M.Saito, H.Sumiya, E.kuramoto, M.Takenaka. Positron 2D-ACAR study on diamonds:Perfect crystals and defects. Materials Science Forum. (1997) 521-523
  • 柴垣茂樹, 古賀明宏, 白川義徳, 大西宏子, 横川晴美, 田中順三. Chemical reaction path for thin film oxidation of stainless steel. Thin Solid Films. (1997) 101-106
  • C.L.Perkins, M.Trenary, 田中高穂. Structure and chemistry of the YB66(100) surface. Journal of Solid State Chemistry. (1997) 31-35
  • 大谷茂樹. 研究所紹介「無機材質研究所」. まてりあ. (1997) 1176
  • J.Y.Guo, F.Gitzhofer, M.I.Boulos, 石垣隆正, MIENO, Masahiro. Study of the sintering properties of plasma synthesized ultrafine SiC powders. Journal of Materials Science. (1997) 5257-5269
  • DmitriGolberg, BANDO, Yoshio, M.Eremets, KURASHIMA, Keiji, 多見谷隆, TAKEMURA, Kenichi, YUSA, Hitoshi. High-resolution analytical electron microscopy of boron nitride laser heated at high pressure. Journal of Electron Microscopy. (1997) 281-292
  • Y.Sakairi, M.Takeda, K.Kimura, 田中高穂. Modulated photoconductivity in YB66. Journal of Solid State Chemistry. (1997) 195-197
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