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  • E.Serwicka, P.Nowak, W.Tones, FathiKooli. Insertion of electrochemically reduced keggin anions into layered double hydroxides. Journal of Materials Chemistry. (1997) 1937-1939
  • FathiKooli, W.Jones. Systematic comparison of a saponite clay pillared with Al and Zr metal oxides. Chemistry of materials. (1997) 2913-2920
  • FathiKooli, C.Martin, V.Rives. FT-IR Spectroscopy study of surface acidity and 2-propanol decomposition on mixed oxides obtained upon calcination of layered do. Langmuir. (1997) 2303-2306
  • Z.Tang, M.Hasegawa, 千葉利信, M.Saito, H.Sumiya, Z.-Q.Li, AKAHANE, Takashi, Y.Kawazoe, S.Yamaguchi. Positron 2D-ACAR in perfect crystals of diamond, Si and Ge: first-principles calculations and experiments. Materials Science Forum. (1997) 411-413
  • M.Hasegawa, Z.Tang, 千葉利信, M. Saito, A.Kawasuso, AKAHANE, Takashi, Z.-Q.Li, Y.Kawazoe, S.Yamaguchi. Positron 2D-ACAR study of divacancies in Si:experiments and theory. Materials Science Forum. (1997) 414-416
  • M.Biasini, 千葉利信, A.A.Manuel, AKAHANE, Takashi, 柳瀬章. Positron annihilation study of the electronic structure of Fe3O4. Materials Science Forum. (1997) 515-517
  • 平野敦, 菅野了次, 河本洋二, 新田芳明, 岡村一広, 神山崇, IZUMI, Fujio. Neutron diffraction study of LiNi0.8Mn0.2O2. Journal of Solid State Chemistry. (1997)
  • 中井泉, 高橋孝多, 白石洋平, 中込達治, IZUMI, Fujio, 石井慶信, 西川文茂, 小西徳三. X-Ray absorption fine structure and neutron diffraction analyses of de-intercalation behavior in the LiCoO2 and LiNiO2 systems. Journal of Power Sources. (1997) 536-539
  • 秋葉悦男, 早川博, 林繁信, 宮脇律郎, 渡村信治, 芝崎靖雄, IZUMI, Fujio, 浅野肇, 神山崇. Structure refinement of synthetic deuterated kaolinite by rietveld analysis using time-of-flight neutron powder diffraction data. Clays and Clay Minerals. (1997) 781-788
  • KANDA, Hisao, 小野淳, 須田良幸, 江良晧. Growth surface dependence of cathodoluminescence of cubic boron nitiride. Materials Science Forum. (1997) 1265-1274
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