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  • 升田博之, 升田 博之. AFM及びFT-IRによる各種材料上への吸着水の観察. 日本金属学会誌. 62 [7] (1998) 617-620
  • H Kumakura, H Kitaguchi, 戸叶一正, 和田仁, 大倉健吾, 上山宗譜, 林和彦, 佐藤謙一, K Togano, H Wada, K Ohkura, M Ueyama, K Hayashi, K Sato. Performance tests of Bi-2223 pancake magnet. Cryogenics. 38 [6] (1998) 639-643 10.1016/s0011-2275(98)00040-x
  • アロク シン, 蔡安邦, 蔡安邦, Alok Singh, A.P. Tsai, アロク シン, 蔡安邦, 蔡安邦. Heterogeneous nucleation of lead on quasicrystas,. Philosophical Magazine Letters. 77 [2] (1998) 89-94 10.1080/095008398178651
  • D. Fujita, H-Y.Sheng, Z-C.Dong, NEJO, Hitoshi, H.-Y. Sheng, Z.-C. Dong, H. Nejoh. Nanostructure fabrication with a point contact formation between a gdd tip and a Si(111)-(7×7)surface using an ultrahigh vacuum. Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing. 66 [7] (1998) S753-S756 10.1007/s003390051236
  • 佐藤卓, 阿部英司, 蔡安邦, Taku J. Sato, Eiji Abe, An Pang Tsai. Composition and stability of the decagonal quasicrystals in the Zn-Mg-Re systems. Philosophical Magazine Letters. 77 [4] (1998) 213-219 10.1080/095008398178534
  • H.C.Jeong, K.saitoh, M.Taraka, E.Abe, A.P, Tsai, H.C.Jeong, K.saitoh, M.Taraka, E.Abe, A.P, Tsai. Experimental rerification of the Qnai-Unit-Call model of Quasicryotnl struiture,. Nature. 396 [11] (1998) 55
  • 井出 邦和, 長谷川良佑, 長谷川良佑. 超音波ネブライザーとロングトーチの使用による軸方向観測水平誘導結合プラズマ発光分析法の感度の改善. 日本分析化学会. 11 (1998)
  • アロク シン, 蔡安邦, 蔡安邦, Alok Singh, A.P Tsai. Cryetalloqrophy and solidification behatmior of nanometic pb particles embedded in icosahedral and delagonal quosicrptal,. Acta Materialia. 46 [13] (1998) 4641-4656 10.1016/s1359-6454(98)00137-2
  • Dong, T.Yakabe, D.Fujita, O.D.Jiang, H.Nejo, Dong, T.Yakabe, D.Fujita, O.D.Jiang, H.Nejo. Reply to 'Comment on “STM stuolies of intial In growth on Si(100)2x1=the In addimer chain and its I-V Characteristics”. Surface Science. 45 (1998) 301-302
  • 宗木 政一, 阿部 冨士雄. α”相析出硬化型高Crフェライト系耐熱鋼の高温クリープ特性。. 耐熱金属材料学振123委員会研究報告. 39 [3] (1998) 355
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