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論文の分野はクラリベイト・アナリティクス社のESI分類を参考に分類し(Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology)、ほか発表文献タイトル・抄録などから2006年以降刊行の論文検索を行うことができます。

最終更新時刻: 2021年02月27日

  • . Quantitative analysis of fatigue fractographs for soe heat treated steels. Trans.NRIM. 24 (1982) 145-151
  • 伊藤 真二, 中村佳右, 大河内春乃. X-ray Fluorescence Analysis on Powder of Nickel-Based Heat Resisting Alloy by Glass Bead Technique and Matrix Correction Alpha C. Trans.NRIM. 30 (1988) 146
  • 山口 仁志, 大河内春乃. Use of Fluoride Ion-Selective Elactrode for Potentiometric Titration of Silicon in Molybdeum Disilicide and ferrosilicon. Trans.NRIM. 30 (1988) 234
  • 中村佳右, 鈴木俊一, 大河内春乃. Direct ICP Emission Spectrochemical Analysis of Zirconium and Zirconium Aiioys using Aerozol cyclone with Low-Voltage Spark Disc. Trans.NRIM . 30 (1988) 88
  • 吉岡孝之, 中村佳右, 大河内春乃. Direct ICP Emission Spectrochemical Analysis of Low-Alloy Steels Using Aerosol Cyclone with a Low Voltage Spark Discharge. Trans.NRIM.. 28 (1986) 188
  • 佐藤幸一, 中村佳右, 大河内春乃. Emission spectrochemical Analysis of Main Components in Superalloys Using Electrolytic Iron Dilution high Frequency Induction Me. Trans.NRIM.. 243 (1984) 26
  • 金尾正雄, MUNEKI, Seiichi, 中野恵司. Confirmative Testing of Ultrahigh Strength Steels Made in Japan and the United States,. Trans.NRIM. 16 (1974) 195-204
  • 大河内春乃, 須藤恵美子, 須藤恵美子. Determination of Microamount of Chromium in Iron,Steel and Other Metals by Square Wave Polarograph.. Trans.NRIM. 12 (1970) 6
  • 宇田雅広, 宇田雅広. Effect of hydrogen and Nitrogen on blowhole formation in pure nickelat ar welding and non-arc melting. Trans.NRIM. 23 (1981) 243
  • S.Nishijima, S.Nishijima. Fractographic study on fatigue fracture of some heat treated steels for lower da/dN values. Trans.NRIM. 25 (1983) 79-86
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