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Last updated: July 17, 2024

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  • 森田憲吾, 宇田川知生, 田巻明, KATO, Seiichi, KITAZAWA, Hideaki, TAKAMASU, Tadashi, 木戸義勇. Elastic Constants of PrNis. Physica B. ()
  • NONOMURA, Yoshihiko, 胡暁, 胡暁. Flux-line entanglement as the mechanism of FLL-melting transition in anisotropic HTSC . Journal of Low Temperature Physizs. ()
  • NONOMURA, Yoshihiko, 胡暁, 胡暁. Inter-layer phase difference of HTSC in B→//c→ :Monte Carlo simulations. Physica B. ()
  • 中村明子, 北島正弘, 成島哲也, R.Berger. ドデカンチオールの脱離にともなう微小応力の変動. 真空. ()
  • 呉源, 竹口雅樹, 陳清, 古屋一夫. ナノ結晶中の欠陥のHRTEM観察. Applied Surface Science(Appl,Surf,Sci). ()
  • KITAJIMA, Masahiro, ISHIOKA, Kunie, 村上浩一. Temperature dependence of the H2-formation in n-and p-type si. PhysicaB. ()
  • 羽多野毅, 石井明. MgO(001)面上に面内配向したBi系2212相超伝導薄膜の合成. Physica C. ()
  • 阿部英司, 佐藤卓, 高倉洋礼, 蔡安邦. Structure and phase transfornation of the Zn-Mg-rare-earth qnasicryastals. Material Science and Enginnering A. ()
  • TOSA, Masahiro, 李京燮, KASAHARA, Akira, 吉原一紘. Surface Cleanness of Substrate Transported by XHV Integrated Process. Applied Surface Science. ()
  • 藤平潤一, KIYOSHI, Tsukasa, 尾崎修, 小柳圭. Measurements of Uniform Magnetic Force Field Profiles. IEEE Transactions on Applied Supercondustivity. ()
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