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  • 堀内繁雄, 平坂雅男, 堤正幸, KOSUDA, Kosuke, M.Y.Szerer, Lina Ben-dor. Microstructures in high-Tc Bi(Pb)-family 2212 superconductors as revealed by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Microscopy Research and Technique. (1995) 258
  • YAMADA, Hirohisa, 東直人, L.Kevan. Electron Spin Resonance and Electron Spin Echo Modulation Studies of Cu(II)-Doped,Al13-Pillared Tetrasilicic Mica. Journal of Physical Chemistry. (1995) 2110
  • 音田哲彦, M.Piao, 板東義雄, 市野瀬英善, 大塚和弘. Electron Microscopy study of the Eutectic Structure in Ti40Ni40Nb20 Alloy. Materials Transactions,JIM. (1995) 23
  • 曽我公平, 宇尾基弘, 井上博之, 牧島亮男, INOUE, Satoru. Site-Dependent study of the Optical properties of Eu3+ in Pure and Chlorine-Doped fluorozirconate glasses. Journal of the American Ceramic Society. (1995) 129
  • 三友護, 広津留秀樹, 末松久幸, NISHIMURA, Toshiyuki. . Journal of American Ceramic Society. (1995) 211
  • SOUDA, Ryutaro, 山本一雄, HAYAMI, Wataru, B.Tilley, AIZAWA, Takashi, 石澤芳夫. Neutralization and negative-ion formation by impact of low-energy H+ on ionic compound surfaces. Surface Science Letters. (1995) 349
  • 田中英彦. 径の異なる2球粒子の燒結と粒成長速度. Jornal of the Ceramic Society of Japan. (1995) 138
  • 俔綿洌選, 佐藤忠夫. Preparation and Properties of a Compound in the B-C-N System. Journal of Solid State Chemistry. (1995) 258
  • 池田雄二, 住吉英志, 石渡裕. Spalling of Al2O3 Coating Film on Alloys Doped With Different Oxide or Rare Earth Metal. ISIJ International. (1995)
  • TERABE, Kazuya, IYI, Nobuo, 木村茂行. Structural Developments during Heating in LiNbO3 Precursors Synthesized by the Sol-Gel Method. Journal of Materials Science. (1995)
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