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  • 浅利栄治, OTANI, Shigeki, AIZAWA, Takashi, 川野輪仁志, SOUDA, Ryutaro. Observation of auger-type electron emission from LaB6(001) surface due to low energy ion incidence. Physical Review Letters. (1997)
  • M.R.Norman, H.Ding, M.Randeria, J.C.Campuzano, 横谷T, 竹内T, 高橋T, MOCHIKU, Takashi, 門脇和男, P.Guptasarma, D.G.Hinks. Destruction of the fermi surface in underdoped high Tc superconductors. Nature. (1997)
  • H.Y.Sheng, FUJITA, Daisuke, 大木泰造, Z.C.Dong, Q.D.Jing, NEJO, Hitoshi. Two-dimentional ordering of octadecanethiol molecules on graphite observed by STM. Applied Surface Science. (1997)
  • 大野隆央. 量子工学材料としての表面. 量子工学ハンドブック. (1997)
  • 角田方衛. 最近の金属系生体材料研究の動向. 熱処理. (1997)
  • 大野隆央. 化合物半導体中のフッ素の挙動. 応用物理. (1997)
  • MORI, Toshiyuki, 藤本憲次郎, 鈴木純, 渡辺遵. Photocatalytic decomposition of trichloro ethlene and nitrate ion in water on hollandite-type catalysts. Journal of Materials Synthesis and processing. (1997)
  • 高重正明, 浜崎真一, 福来信貴, 田代直子, 清水文直, 小島達也, 幡野純, 張敏守, 高橋紘一郎. Observation of the crystallization process from amorphous PbTiO3 and Pb5Ge3O11 by atomic force microscopy. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. (1997) 6150-6154
  • SUZUKI, Taku, HISHITA, Shunichi, 大吉啓司, SOUDA, Ryutaro. Segregation of Eu implanted at the MgO(100) surface. Surface Science Letter. (1997) 1243-1248
  • Yeon Hwang, 左右田龍太郎, 相澤俊, 速水渉, 大谷茂樹, 石澤芳夫. . Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. (1997) 5707-5708
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