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  • FUJII, Hiroki, KUMAKURA, Hiroaki, 戸叶一正. Structure and Misoientation Angle Distribution of (001) Twist Grain Boundaries in BizSr2Ca1Cu2Oy/Ag Composite Tapes Processed in. Journal of Materials Research. (1999)
  • 関根利守, KOBAYASHI, Takamichi. NIRIM two-stage light-gas gun and equation of state of carbides. Journal of Materials Processing Technology. (1999)
  • Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Tetsuhiko Isobe, Mamoru Senna, Junzo Tanaka. Effects of Reduced Coordination Number for Ca on the Electron Redistribution during Ca−O−Si Bridge Bonding from CaO or Ca(OH)2and SiO2. . (1999) 10.1021/jp9913968
  • 陳清, 田中美代子, 古屋一夫, Q. Chen, M. Tanaka, K. Furuya. UHV-DC-TEMを用いたIn粒子の原子レベル構造観察とフラクチュエーションの解析. Surface Science. 440 [3] (1999) 398-406 10.1016/s0039-6028(99)00812-2
  • 三石和貴, 川崎正博, 竹口雅樹, 古屋一夫, K. Mitsuishi, M. Kawasaki, M. Takeguchi, K. Furuya. Determination of Atomic Positions in a Solid Xe Precipitate Embedded in an Al Matrix. Physical Review Letters. 82 [15] (1999) 3082-3084 10.1103/physrevlett.82.3082
  • 古屋一夫, 石川信博, C.W.Allew, K. FURUYA, N. ISHIKAWA, C. W. ALLEN. In-situ observation of shape and atomic structure of Xe nanocrystals embedded in aluminium. Journal of Microscopy. 194 [1] (1999) 152-160 10.1046/j.1365-2818.1999.00451.x
  • 館山 佳尚, 常行真司, 常行真司, 常行真司, 常行真司. 理論計算によるBCN系化合物の設計. NEW DIAMOND. [53] (1999)
  • 宍戸統悦, 葉 金花, 小原和夫, 菅原孝昌, 吉川彰, 堀内弘之, 福田承生, 宍戸統悦, 小原和夫, 菅原孝昌, 吉川彰, 堀内弘之, 福田承生. 不定比ペロブスカイト型化合物YRh3Bx,YRh3CX及びYRh3BxC1-xのBまたはC量の変化に伴う格子定数の変化. Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan. 107 [7] (1999) 648-651
  • 海江田義也, 海江田義也. 微小重力下での窒化反応によるチタンの微視組織. 粉体及び粉末冶金. 46 [1] (1999) 9-15
  • F. Nihey, K. Nakamura, T. Takamasu, G. Kido, T. Sakon, M. Motokawa. Orbital quantization of composite fermions in antidot lattices. Physical Review B. 59 [23] (1999) 14872-14875 10.1103/physrevb.59.14872
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