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Polymers, Nanocomposites, Material Mechanics, Degradation

PublicationsNIMS affiliated publications since 2004.


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Research Center for Structural Materials

Sustainable and multifunctional polymeric composites


Thermoplastic polymer, Crosslinked polymer, Biomass, Nanosheets, Interface


Thermoplastic composites contaning biomass for sustainable automobiles
Polymers with high intrinsic fracture toughness for structural applications
Nanocomposites with designed functionality (conductivity, transparency, etc)
2D materials and polymers with reversible bonding for advanced applications

Novelty and originality

Simultaneously improve mechanical properties while utilizing renewable biomass.
Realize high-toughness polymers without relying on dispersed fillers.
Stimuli-responsive nanomaterials facilitate controlled polymerization/assembly.



Structural applications require robust mechanical properties (strength, modulus, toughness) and environmental resistance (heat, light, moisture). We try to improve the structural performance of polymeric materials by controlling the chemical and physical structures (nano/meso). For example: modifying the network structure of crosslinked polymers to improve rate-dependent behavior; blending renewable biomass with conventional polymers like polyolefins to create mechanically robust, sustainable composites for automobiles; functionalizing inorganic layered materials with dynamic covalent bonds facilitates in-situ polymerization and photo-controllable reversible functionalization. Current and future work focuses on the development of sustainable, multifunctional polymeric composites for advanced structures and other applications.


Using various approaches to design and control the chemical or physical microstructure of polymers and their composites, we can create high-performance materials for a wide range of structural applications. My future focus is on polymeric composites that can solve environmental and energy problems.


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