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305-0047 1-2-1 Sengen Tsukuba Ibaraki JAPAN [Access]



titanium alloy, superalloy, microstructure control, single crystal structure, powder bed fusion, phase transformation, high temperature deformation, oxidation

3D Printing Nickel Single Crystals Using Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology
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This study was reported in several Japanese newspapers, Japanese and overseas websites

We have succeeded in fabricating a nickel single crystal with only a very few crystalline defects by irradiating nickel powder with a large-radius, flat-top laser beam (i.e., a laser beam whose intensity is uniform across a cross-section of the beam). The seed of single crystal was not used. This technique may be used to fabricate a wide variety of single-crystalline materials, including heat-resistant materials for jet engines and gas turbines.

I'm recruiting Ph.D. candidates who do research at Tsukuba and obtain Ph.D. degree in my laboratory of Kyushu University. Contact me if you're interested. Selected Ph.D. candidates can be financially supported as NIMS junior researchers during Ph.D. course.

[Articles published in 2023]
Effect of scan strategy on the formation of a pure nickel single-crystal structure using a flat-top laser beam via laser powder bed fusion
D. E. Jodi, T. Kitashima, M. Watanabe, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, Vol. 24, (1), (2023) 2201380. (Click and open)

High-temperature microstructural stability of pure Ni fabricated by laser powder bed fusion using Gaussian and flat-top beam profiles
D. E. Jodi, T. Kitashima, A. Singh, M. Watanabe, Materials Characterization, Vol. 200 (2023) 112897. (Click and open)


PublicationsNIMS affiliated publications since 2004.

  • No. 5467306 Ni基単結晶超合金とこれを基材とする合金部材 (2014)
  • No. 5467307 Ni基単結晶超合金とそれよりえられた合金部材 (2014)
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  • No: 2010031299 Ni基単結晶超合金とそれよりえられた合金部材 (2010)
  • No: 2010031298 Ni基単結晶超合金とこれを基材とする合金部材 (2010)

Society memberships

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society: TMS, The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, Gas Turbine Society of Japan, The Japan Titanium Society, ,


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