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Last updated: June 18, 2024

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  • TAKAMASU, Tadashi, 木戸義勇, 大野実, 三浦登, 遠藤彰, 勝本真吾, 加藤真由美, 家泰弘. Possibleexplanation of the temperature dependance of diagonal resistivity at v=1 in thrme of skyrmion backscatterings. Physica B. ()
  • OHNUMA, Masato, HONO, Kazuhiro, ONODERA, Hidehiro, 鈴木淳市. SANS and APFIM characterization of nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloys. Materials Science and Engnnering A. ()
  • OHNO, Takahisa, SASAKI, Taizo, 田口朋仁. Ab-Initio investigations of diffusion of halogen atoms in GaAs. Materials Science Foum. ()
  • HONO, Kazuhiro, 張援, 井上明久, 桜井利夫. Microstructure of Rapidly Solidified Al-4V-2Fe Alloy. Materials Science Engneering A. ()
  • 田中美代子, 古屋一夫, 斎藤鉄哉. TEM observation of FIB micromilled Ni silicides thin films. Thin Solid Films. ()
  • SUZUKI, Hiroshi, ARAKI, Hiroshi, 野田哲二. High enrichment of silicon-28 isotope by infrared laser irradiation. Journal of Nuclear Materials. ()
  • 小杉真(北海道大), 松田祐司, M.B.Gaifullin, 熊谷健一, 筑本典子, 下山淳一, 岸尾光二, HIRATA, Kazuto, M.Konczykowski. Influence of Columner Defects on Interlayer Coherence in Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oδ+δ from Josephson Plasma Resonance. Physica C. ()
  • 小杉真(北海道大), 松田祐司, M.B.Gaifullin, 熊谷健一, 筑本典子, 下山淳一, 岸尾光二, 平田和人, M.Konczykowski. 柱状欠陥を有するBi2Sr2CaCu2Oδ+δのプラズマ共鳴による層間ジョセフソン結合の研究. Physica C. ()
  • Werner.Prusseit(ミュンヘン工科大学), HIRATA, Kazuto, MOCHIKU, Takashi, Michael Rapp. Intrinsic Josephson Junctions Under Microwave Irradiation. Physica C. ()
  • 松田祐司(北海道大), 小杉真, M.B.Gaifullin, 熊谷健一, HIRATA, Kazuto, 筑本典子, M.Konczykowski, 綿打敏司, 下山淳一, 岸尾光二. Interlayer Phase Coherence in the Vortex State of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oδ+δ Probed by Josephson Plasma Resonance. Physica C. ()
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