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Last updated: July 17, 2024

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  • KITAJIMA, Masahiro, 村上浩一, ISHIOKA, Kunie. A new type of hydnogen moleale in Si. Physica B. ()
  • HONO, Kazuhiro, PING, De-hai, T.Gloriant, A.L.Greer, M.D.Baro. Nanostructured Al88Ni4Sm8 alloys investingated by transmission electron and field ion microscopies. Mat,Sci,Eng,A. ()
  • B.S.Murty, PING, De-hai, HONO, Kazuhiro, A.Inoue. APFIM and TEM study of the oxygen behavior durting crystallization of Zr65Cu27.5Al7.5 metallic glass. Materials Science & Engineering A. ()
  • 倉橋光紀, 山内泰. 準安定ヘリウム原子誘起水素イオン脱離の観測. Surface Science. ()
  • KATO, Seiichi, KITAZAWA, Hideaki, 木戸義勇. Magnetic Properties of Pr1-xLaxPtAl. Physica B. ()
  • 梅田直樹, 武田良彦, V.T.Gritsyna, 李致圭, 岸本直樹. 大電流負イオン注入によるシリガラス中のナノ結晶の熱安定性. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Reseach B. ()
  • YAMAUCHI, Yasushi, KURAHASHI, Mitsunori. Spin-polarized metastable deexcitation spectroscopy study of iron films. Applied Surface Science. ()
  • Kotobu Nagai. Ultrafine-frain ferrite steel and its mechanical properties. Journal de Physique Ⅳ. ()
  • 金龍成, 李京燮, KASAHARA, Akira, TOSA, Masahiro, 吉原一紘. Hexagonal bonn nitride film substrate for fabrication of nanostructures. Applied surface science. ()
  • 久保清, 田淵正明, 渡部隆, 衣川純一, 阿部冨士雄. W強化高フェライト鋼のHAZ再現熱処理材のクリープ特性. 材料とプロセス. ()
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