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TODOROKI, Shin-ichi
305-0044 1-1 Namiki Tsukuba Ibaraki JAPAN [Access]
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光ファイバ工学 画像解析 情報管理

Working on optical fibers exposed with high power laser beam.


Illustration showing (1) the ignition, (2) the propagation, and (3) the termination of a fiber fuse. A fiber fuse is initiated by the local heating of a single-mode optical fiber made of silica glass delivering a few watts of light, which generates an optical discharge running along the fiber to the light source at about 1 m/s (see my portrait). This is due to the temperature dependence of the light absorbance of silica glass, which increases rapidly beyond 1300 K and causes light-heat conversion that generates an optical discharge of several thousands of K. This results in the catastrophic destruction of the core region and the formation of periodic voids (see background photo, its interval is about 20 um.) and the damaged fiber no longer transports light.

PublicationsNIMS affiliated publications since 2004.

Research papers
  • No. 4035616 光結合構造の作製方法および作製装置 (2007)
  • No. 3870270 光ヒューズおよび光ヒューズ作製用部品 (2006)
  • No. 3598373 基体上に接合して規則化配列したナノ構造体およびその製造法 (2004)

Society memberships

電子情報通信学会, 日本セラミックス協会, 応用物理学会


  • 第12回日本セラミックス協会活動有功賞(2016)「Webサービスにおける会員認証機能の実装とサーバの維持管理」 (2016)
  • 第8回(NIMS)理事長賞貢献賞(2013)「研究者総覧「SAMURAI」の開発およびアウトリーチ実績」 (2013)
  • 第7回CSJ/ACerS合同セラミックス賞 (2002)
  • 第53回日本セラミックス協会進歩賞 (1999)
Comming soon!
Comming soon!

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