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AuthorChih-Feng Huang, Wen-Hua Chen, Junko Aimi, Yi-Shen Huang, Sathesh Venkatesan, Yeo-Wan Chiang, Shih-Hung Huang, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Tao Chen.
TitleSynthesis of well-defined PCL-b-PnBA-b-PMMA ABC-type triblock copolymers: toward the construction of nanostructures in epoxy thermosets
(Synthesis of Well-defined PCL-b-PnBA-b-PMMA ABC-Type Triblock Copolymers: Toward the Construction of Nanostructures in Epoxy Thermosets)
Journal titlePolymer Chemistry 9 [48] 5644-5654
ISSN: 17599962 17599954
Year of publication2018
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