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Research Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA)

Exploring the functionality of nanowires and hybrid nanostructures


Silicon, Nanowire, Nanostructure, Interface


Research on morphology and property controls of various nanowire (NW) and nanostructure formations.
Realize new functionalized NW-based devices and hybrid nanostructure integrations in a wide array of advanced technological applications, ranging from photovoltaics to field-effect transistors, Li-ion batteries, sensors, and so on.
Develop superior nanostructure interfaces using novel passivation techniques for the enhancement of device performances.

Novelty and originality

• Development of various Si NW syntheses by top-down and bottom-up techniques of metal catalyst electroless etching, nanoimprint or colloidal lithography followed by Bosch etching, and chemical vapor deposition using metal catalysts.
• Fabrication of Si NW-based solar cells and the hybrid nanostructure integrating with perovskite nanocrystals.
• Improvement of Si NW surface by formation controls, thermal annealing, and applying of nanocrystals.



Vertical-oriented Si NW arrays with smooth, nanodot-, or NW-structured surfaces offer many desirable advantages for advanced device applications. They are of great interest for increasing light trapping as a black Si substrate to enhance solar cell performance. Energy transfers using nanocrystals (NCs) for hybrid nanostructures that combine absorbing components with Si NW-based solar cells also open new possibilities in light harvesting. In addition, applying H2 annealing or NC coating efficiently helps to minimize the interfacial defects on the top surfaces of Si NW solar cells.


• NWs and hybrid nanostructures offer opportunities for leveraging their distinct properties and synergistically integrating them to generate novel functionalities.
• Through in-depth exploration and comprehension of the intricacies surrounding these structures, a wide range of exciting applications is expected to emerge across various fields, paving the path for innovative advancements in technology and scientific discovery.


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