SAMURAI - NIMS Researchers Database



SAMURAI is an electronic database that aims to introduce NIMS researchers and their work to the public. The database has functions that allow researchers editing and exporting data to various formats. Research publications in the profile are linked in the 'NIMS Digital Library', a digital archive of institutional activities in materials science that aims to serve both the society and individual scientists.

SAMURAI supports various links to not only individual articles and patents, but also databases such as KAKEN (Database of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by NII). Furthermore, it associates a researcher with a unique ResearcherID number that greatly facilitates locating that person in major global databases.

SAMURAI has a mission of outreach focused on researchers as individuals. It provides various functions to help scientists appeal their research interests and topics.

new features of SAMURAI

We have introduced several new functions to SAMURAI (as of 2017-07-10):

  • Cooperation with ORCID
  • Enforced external links (researchmap, etc.)
  • Enforced subject search function
  • Enforced export function

about ORCID

ORCID is an independent non-profit effort to provide an open registry of unique researcher identifiers and open services to link research activities and organizations to these identifiers. Learn more at

Terms of use

NIMS prohibit the unauthorized copying and replication of the contents of SAMURAI.

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