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AuthorD. Khallafallah Hassen, M.M. Selim, S.A. El-Safty, Khalil Abdelrazek Khalil, G. Abu el-Maged, M. Dewidar.
TitleGraphene-supported <mml:math altimg="si3.gif" display="inline" overflow="scroll" xmlns:xocs="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" xmlns:ja="" xmlns:mml="" xmlns:tb="" xmlns:sb="" xmlns:ce="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:cals="" xmlns:sa=""><mml:msub><mml:mrow><mml:mstyle mathvariant="normal"><mml:mi>Co(OH)</mml:mi></mml:mstyle></mml:mrow><mml:mrow><mml:mn>2</mml:mn></mml:mrow></mml:msub></mml:math> mesostructures for ethanol oxidation reaction electrocatalysis
Journal titleNano-Structures & Nano-Objects 9 31-39
ISSN: 2352507X
Year of publication2017
ESI category
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