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materials science, ceramic engineering, nano-engineering, nano-composites, electric current assisted sintering techniques (ECAST: SPS, reaction-driven spark plasma sintering (RD-SPS), 'flash sintering, 'flash'-SPS), nano-powders, nano-ceramic & composites, hard ceramic, tough ceramic, flexural strength behavior, ultra-high temperature ceramic (UHTC), ultra-high elevated temperature strength, superplasticity of brittle hard ceramics, dynamic toughness, highly ordered nano-scale structures, self-assembled magnetite-chitosan nanostructures, boron carbide, boron suboxide, titanium diboride, tantalum boride, tantalum carbide, niobium boride, niobium carbide, zirconium boride, hafnium boride, silicon carbide,vanadium diboride, zirconium oxide, energetic materials, nano-explosive synthesis, multication nanopowders, etc.


医療用材料、生体適合性、生体内分解性、in vitro評価

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