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Application of Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy to Investigate the Electrochemical Interface

The interface of electrode and electrolyte plays an important role in many processes of electrochemical reactions. Detailed understanding of the in situ information on molecular and electronic structures at electrochemical interfaces is essential to understand the mechanism and improve the efficiency of the interfacial processes in these electrochemical reactions. A large number of fundamental studies on interfacial molecular and electronic structures in ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) condition, and interfacial molecular structures in electrochemical environment have been carried out in the last thirty years. However, only few experiments have been performed on electronic structure study of electrochemical interfaces due to the lack of suitable techniques. The presence of electrolyte solution means that it is impossible to apply the techniques with electron probes, which usually use to determine the electronic structures in UHV, to electrochemical interfaces. Recently, an interesting surface-sensitive technique, IR/visible double resonance sum frequency generation (DR-SFG) spectroscopy, which utilizes resonant enhancement of the SFG signal with two frequency-tunable incident IR and visible lights, has been successfully employed to clarify both interfacial molecular and electronic structures in UHV. At the same time, DR-SFG is also a promising tool can be applicable to electrode/electrolyte interfaces, because it is a photon-in/photon-out technique. In current study, the potential of DR-SFG spectroscopy for elucidating the molecular and electronic structures of electrochemical interfaces were demonstrated experimentally in the work that examined the effects of electrode potential and visible light energy on the SFG intensity for CO/Pt electrode model systems.



  • Best Academic Poster Award at the NIMS Week 2016 (Tokyo, Japan, October 21st, 2016) (2016)
  • First Place Poster Award at the 14th International Conference on Electrified Interfaces (Singapore, July 7th, 2016) (2016)
  • Young Scientist Poster Award at NIMS Conference 2015 (Tsukuba, Japan, Jul. 15th, 2015) (2015)
  • Long-term Research Assistant Prize by Global Research Center for Environment and Energy based on Nanomaterials Science (GREEN) in NIMS (Tsukuba, Japan, Jun. 25th , 2015) (2015)
  • Excellent Poster Presentation Award at the Fifteenth International Symposium on Electroanalytical Chemistry (Changchun, China, Aug. 15th, 2015) (2015)