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FePt based magnetic recording media (HAMR, ECC, PMR)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: a) FePt based magnetic recording media (HAMR, ECC, PMR) b) FM/AFM perpendicular exchange bias c) Magneto-optics effect d) Microstructural characterization (TEM, SEM, AFM/MFM)


PublicationsNIMS affiliated publications since 2004.

Research papers

Society memberships

The Magnetic Society of Japan , IEEE Magnetics Society


  • JAPAN-CHINA Science and Technology Exchange Association Research Award (2015)
  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed (non-overnment sponsored) Students Abroad (2013)
  • MEXT (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship for foreign students by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology (MEXT) (2008)
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