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305-0047 茨城県つくば市千現1-2-1 [アクセス]
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Coatings; Soft Matter Interface; Nanofibers; Biomimetics; 3D printing; Wetting; Solid-liquid interfaces

Pioneering Applied Physics at Soft Interfaces for Functional Materials. When the different media contacts each other, the molecules at the interface get anisotropic molecular interactions and the energy differences between media interface and inside of medias are caused, which is interfacial energy. If media molecules have some degrees of freedom, the interfacial energy is non-equilibrium and the interfacial phenomenon dynamically changes its structure and characters. Soft materials which is consisted of organized molecules with high degree of freedom and change their micro and/or macro scale structure by external stimuli, such as colloid, sol, liquid crystal, granular materials, and all fluidic materials in extended interpretation, are concepted by P.G. de Gennes in 1991. The topic “Soft Interface”: interface of soft materials started from Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas in 2008. Soft interface is of great significance in understanding dynamic interfacial phenomenon with its structure and character triggered by external stimuli, which is seen in human biological systems and some nature phenomena, and potentially develops a new functional materials engineering. Although this field is recently developed by chemist and biologist, the analysis based on physical approaches and the application of the functional interfaces is still in a premature. I study the structure and dynamics of soft interfaces for a design of functional surfaces which is based on fundamental physical laws of dynamic molecular interactions. Major topics are wetting, friction and adhesion of nanostructured materials, liquid infused materials, colloids, and granular materials. While the world researchers try to unravel the soft interfacial phenomena, I focus on the extraction of their unique function to fabricate advanced materials for the application to wide areas ranging from industrial coating, filter, coaching, to medical devices. So far, 13 researches are published in international scientific journals as 1st authors and contributed to 22 research papers. The represented works are published in Advanced Functional Materials, Langmuir, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Applied Physics Letters, Nanoscale. My achievement introduced here is new discovery of wetting/adhesion/friction phenomenon at soft interfaces, engineering functional materials, and their applications. In that, I hope to develop applied physics of soft interfaces and the know-how is sublimated to the material engineering which contributes to the solution of social issues (SDGs) and in realizing Society 5.0.





日本化学会, コロイドおよび界面化学部会, 高分子学会


  • Keio University Excellent Research Award (2018)
  • JSPS Research Fellow PD (2017)
  • JSPS Research Fellow DC1 (2016)
  • Keio University Award for Material Design Science Course (2016)
  • Fujiwara Award (Scholarship) (2015)
  • Keio University the 15'th Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics chief award (2014)


  • 科研費若手 (2018)
  • 科研費特別研究員奨励費 (2016)
  • KLL研究奨励費 (2015)