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  1. Molang Cai, Yongzhen Wu, Han Chen, Xudong Yang, Yinghuai Qiang, Liyuan Han. Cost-Performance Analysis of Perovskite Solar Modules. Advanced Science. 4 [1] (2017) 1600269 10.1002/advs.201600269
  1. Youfeng Yue, NovianaTjitra Salim, Yongzhen Wu, Xudong Yang, Ashraful Islam, Wei Chen, Jian Liu, Enbin Bi, Fengxian Xie, Molang Cai, Liyuan Han. Enhanced Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells through Corrosion-Free Pyridine Derivatives in Hole-Transporting Materials. Advanced Materials. 28 [48] (2016) 10738-10743 10.1002/adma.201602822
  2. Yongzhen Wu, Xudong Yang, Wei Chen, Youfeng Yue, Molang Cai, Fengxian Xie, Enbing Bi, Ashraful Islam, Liyuan Han. Perovskite solar cells with 18.21% efficiency and area over 1 cm2 fabricated by heterojunction engineering. Nature Energy. 1 [11] (2016) 16148 10.1038/nenergy.2016.148
  3. Maoshu Yin, Fengxian Xie, Han Chen, Xudong Yang, Fei Ye, Enbing Bi, Yongzhen Wu, Molang Cai, Liyuan Han. Annealing-free perovskite films by instant crystallization for efficient solar cells. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 4 [22] (2016) 8548-8553 10.1039/c6ta02490d

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