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External affiliations

  • Associate Professor, Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry, Kyushu University
  • 九州大学大学院工学府材料物性工学専攻 連係准教授

Research content


High Temperature Titanium Alloy, Alloy Design, TKT alloy, Deformation, Microstructure Evolution, Numerical Simulation, Microstructure-Property Prediction, Nickel-Base Superalloy

PublicationsNIMS affiliated publications since 2004.

  • No. 5747410 耐熱チタン合金 (2015)
  • No. 5467306 Ni基単結晶超合金とこれを基材とする合金部材 (2014)
  • No. 5467307 Ni基単結晶超合金とそれよりえられた合金部材 (2014)

Society membership



  • Japan Institute of Metals Young Researcher Award(2010), Young Scientist Award for the Presentation of an Excellent Paper from the Japan Society of Applied Physics (2003)
  • Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Editors' Choice 2016 (2016)
  • 8th International Conference on Material and Manufacturing Technology (ICMMT 2017): Excellent Oral Presentation Award (2017)
  • Gordon Research Conference- High Temperature Corrosion: Invited Speaker (2017)
  • 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing(PRICM9): Excellent Poster Award for Young Scientist (学生) (2016)
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