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Correction to Weakly Trapped, Charged, and Free Excitons in Single-Layer MoS2 in the Presence of Defects, Strain, and Charged Impurities

著者Felix Herziger, Nedjma Bendiab, Pierre Mallet, Jean-Yves Veuillen, Raul Arenal, Laëtitia Marty, Sudipta Dubey, Simone Lisi, Goutham Nayak, Van-Dung Nguyen, Julien Renard, Toai Le Quang, WATANABE, Kenji, Yannick J. Dappe, César González, Vladimir Cherkez, Laurence Magaud, Johann Coraux, TANIGUCHI, Takashi, Vincent Bouchiat.
掲載誌名ACS NANO 10565-10566