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機構に所属する研究者の発表した論文を、タイトル・抄録・分野などから検索することができます。論文の分野はクラリベイト社のESI分類を参考に分類しています(Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biologyなど)。

最終更新日: 2024年04月15日

  • Tadanobu Inoue, Shin-ichiro Oka, Takanobu Hiroto. Mechanical Properties, Tissue Structure, and Elemental Composition of the Walking Leg Tips of Coconut Crabs. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 12 [4] (2024) 639 10.3390/jmse12040639 Open Access
  • Jun Katagiri, Sukeharu Nomoto, Masahiro Kusano, Makoto Watanabe. Particle Size Effect on Powder Packing Properties and Molten Pool Dimensions in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Simulation. Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing. 8 [2] (2024) 71 10.3390/jmmp8020071 Open Access
  • Christopher Mercer, Naoe Hosoda. Analysis of Structure and Function of Ladybird Leg and Subsequent Design and Fabrication of a Simplified Leg Structure for Robotic Applications. Biomimetics. 9 [3] (2024) 184 10.3390/biomimetics9030184 Open Access
  • Hai Qiu, Rintaro Ueji, Tadanobu Inoue. Suppression of Inhomogeneous Plastic Deformation in Medium-Carbon Tempered Martensite Steel. Metals. 14 [3] (2024) 306 10.3390/met14030306 Open Access
  • Katsuhiko Ariga. 2D Materials Nanoarchitectonics for 3D Structures/Functions. Materials. 17 [4] (2024) 936 10.3390/ma17040936 Open Access
  • E. Abidi, A. Khan, J. A. Delgado-Notario, V. Clericó, J. Calvo-Gallego, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, T. Otsuji, J. E. Velázquez, Y. M. Meziani. Terahertz Detection by Asymmetric Dual Grating Gate Bilayer Graphene FETs with Integrated Bowtie Antenna. Nanomaterials. 14 [4] (2024) 383 10.3390/nano14040383 Open Access
  • Katsuhiko Ariga. Confined Space Nanoarchitectonics for Dynamic Functions and Molecular Machines. Micromachines. 15 [2] (2024) 282 10.3390/mi15020282 Open Access
  • Seiichiro Ii. Quantitative Characterization by Transmission Electron Microscopy and Its Application to Interfacial Phenomena in Crystalline Materials. Materials. 17 [3] (2024) 578 10.3390/ma17030578 Open Access
  • Iana S. Soboleva, Vladimir I. Nitsenko, Alexey V. Sobolev, Maria N. Smirnova, Alexei A. Belik, Igor A. Presniakov. Understanding Complex Interplay among Different Instabilities in Multiferroic BiMn7O12 Using 57Fe Probe Mössbauer Spectroscopy. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 25 [3] (2024) 1437 10.3390/ijms25031437 Open Access
  • Divya Naradasu, Waheed Miran, Akihiro Okamoto. Electrochemical Characterization of Two Gut Microbial Strains Cooperatively Promoting Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenesis. Microorganisms. 12 [2] (2024) 257 10.3390/microorganisms12020257 Open Access
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