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機構に所属する研究者の発表した論文を、タイトル・抄録・分野などから検索することができます。論文の分野はクラリベイト社のESI分類を参考に分類しています(Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biologyなど)。

最終更新日: 2023年09月28日

  • Takemura Kenichi, Nakano Satoshi. Performance of a synthtic diamond-backing plate for the diamond-anvil cell at ultrahigh pressures. Review of Scientific Instruments. 74 [6] (2003) 3017-3020 10.1063/1.1571953
  • Wataru Yashiro, Ichiro Shiraki, Kazushi Miki. A probe-positioning method with two dimensional calibration pattern for micro-multi-point probes. Review of Scientific Instruments. 74 [5] (2003) 2722-2725 10.1063/1.1569390
  • Yasushi Kanke, Minoru Akaishi, Shinobu Yamaoka, Takashi Taniguchi. Heater cell for materials synthesis and crystal growth in the large volume high pressure apparatus at 10 GPa. Review of Scientific Instruments. 73 [9] (2002) 3268-3270 10.1063/1.1499760
  • Yeon Soo SUNG, TAKEYA, Hiroyuki, 戸叶一正. Containerless Solidification of Si, Zr, Nb, and Mo by Electrostatic Levitation. Review of Scientific Instruments. (2001)
  • 原田雅章, SAKURAI, Kenji, 斉藤数弘, 岸本俊二. Fast signal processing of YAP:Ce detector for synchrotron X-ray experiments. Review of Scientific Instruments. (2001)
  • 賀紅亮, KOBAYASHI, Takamichi, 関根利守, Hongliang He. Time-resolved measurement on ablative acceleration of foil plates driven by pulsed laser beram.. Review of Scientific Instruments. 72 [4] (2001) 2032-2035 10.1063/1.1357227
  • 竹村謙一, P. Ch. Sahu, Kunii Yoshiyasu, Toma Yasuo, Takemura Kenichi, P. Ch. Sahu, Kunii Yoshiyasu, Toma Yasuo. A versatile gas-loading system for diamond-anvil cells. Review of Scientific Instruments. 72 [10] (2001) 3873-3876 10.1063/1.1396667
  • V. Bondarenko, UJI, Shinya, Tanatar M. A., Kovalev A. E., Ishiuro T., 鹿児島誠一. Miniature rotatable vacuum cell for low temperature thermal measurements in high magnetic fields. Review of scientific instruments. (2000)
  • N Fortune, Gossett G, Peabody L, Lehe K, S. Uji, Nathanael Fortune, Gayle Gossett, Lydia Peabody, Katherine Lehe, H. Aoki. High magnetic field corrections to resistance thermometers for low temperature calorimetry. Review of Scientific Instruments. 71 [10] (2000) 3825 10.1063/1.1310341
  • Hideki T. Miyazaki, 新谷紀雄, Yasushi Tomizawa, Koichi Koyama, Tomomasa Sato, Yasushi Tomizawa, Koichi Koyano, Tomomasa Sato, Norio Shinya. A system for measuring the adhesion forces of micro-objects in a scanning electron microscope. Review of Scientific Instruments. 71 [8] (2000) 3123-3131 10.1063/1.1305812
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