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機構に所属する研究者の発表した論文を、タイトル・抄録・分野などから検索することができます。論文の分野はクラリベイト社のESI分類を参考に分類しています(Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biologyなど)。

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  • 藤森淳, J.H.Weaver, A.Franciosi. Core-hole screening and plasmon satellites in calcium. Physical Review B. (1985) 3549
  • YAMAMOTO, Akiji. Displacive modulation in the sinusoidal antiferroelectric phase of NaNO2. Physical Review B. (1985) 5941
  • 藤森淳, J.H.Weaver. . Physical Review B. (1985) 6411
  • 藤森淳, J.H.Weaver. Valence Fluctuation and Electron Spectroscopies in CeN:4f-ligand versus 4f-conduction-band hybridization. Physical Review B. (1985) 6345
  • 藤森淳, 南不二雄, 菅野暁. Multielectron satellites and spin polarization in photoemission from Ni compounds. Physical Review B. (1984) 5225
  • 藤森淳. Correlation Effects in the Electronic Structure and Photoemission spectra of Mixed-Valence Cerium Compounds. Physical Review B. (1983) 4489
  • 藤森淳. Mixed-Valent Ground State of CeO2. Physical Review B. (1983) 2281
  • YAMAMOTO, Akiji. Hexagonal DomainLike Structure in IT-TaS2. Physical Review B. (1983) 7823
  • 藤森淳. 4f-and core-level photoemission Satellites in cerium compounds. Physical Review B. (1983) 3992
  • 梅原雅捷. Importance of the site-off-diagonal electron-phonon interaction on the selftrapped small magnetic polaron. Physical Review B. (1983) 5669
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