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  • ITOH, Shinji, YAMAGUCHI, Hitoshi, KIMURA, Takashi, 長谷川良佑, KOBAYASHI, Takeshi. Determination of carbon and nitragen in iron and steel by glow discharge mass spectrometry. ISIJ International. (1999)
  • 渡辺敏昭, C.Roth, IWASAKI, Satoshi, 福澤章. Material and heat balances of continuous selective oxidation process. ISIJ International. (1997)
  • 横山尚永(工学院大学), 梅澤修, Kotobu Nagai, 鈴木敏之, Hisanaga Yokoyama, Osamu Umezawa, Toshiyuki Suzuki. Distribution of Internal Crack Initation Sites in High-Cycle Fatigue for Titanium Alloys. ISIJ International. 37 [12] (1997) 1237-1244 10.2355/isijinternational.37.1237 Open Access
  • 梅澤修, Osamu Umezawa, Kotobu Nagai. A Review of Subsurface Crack Generationin High-cycle Fatigue for High Strength Alloys. ISIJ International. 37 [12] (1997) 1170-1179 10.2355/isijinternational.37.1170 Open Access
  • Hideyuki Ohtsuka, G.Ghosh, Kotobu Nagai, Gautam Ghosh. Effects of Cu on Diffusional Transformation Behavior and Microstructure in Fe-Mn-Si-C Steels. ISIJ International. 37 [3] (1997) 296-301 10.2355/isijinternational.37.296 Open Access
  • 守谷英明(千葉工大), 岡田厚正, 河部義邦, Kotobu Nagai, Hideaki Moriya, Yoshikuni Kawabe, Atsumasa Okada. Strain Rate Dependence of Stress-Strain Curve in a Ti-Fe-O Alloy. ISIJ International. 37 [10] (1997) 1016-1022 10.2355/isijinternational.37.1016 Open Access
  • 鈴木洋夫, Hirowo G. Suzuki. Strain Rate Dependence of Cu Embrittlement in Steels. ISIJ International. 37 [3] (1997) 250-254 10.2355/isijinternational.37.250 Open Access
  • 川崎要造, 池田雄二, KOBAYASHI, Toshiharu, 住吉英志. Effect of Dispersoids on Mechanical Deformation of Fe-20Cr ODS Alloys Ⅰ.Tensile Fracture Properties. 日本鉄鋼協会誌 ISIJ International. (1996)
  • 池田雄二, 住吉英志, 石渡裕. Spalling of Al2O3 Coating Film on Alloys Doped With Different Oxide or Rare Earth Metal. ISIJ International. (1995)
  • Taichi Abe, 秋山聡, Hidehiro Onodera, Satoshi Akiyama. Crystallization of Sputter Deposited Amorphous Ti-52at%Al Alloy.. ISIJ International. 34 [5] (1994) 429-434 10.2355/isijinternational.34.429 Open Access
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