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  • Hideo Kimura, Takenori Numazawa, Mitsunori Sato. Crystal growth of BaB2O4 from melt using a Pt tube as a seed. Journal of Crystal Growth. 165 [4] (1996) 408-412 10.1016/0022-0248(96)00202-3
  • H. Kimura, V.V. Kochurikhin, K. Shimamura, T. Fukuda. OH bands in (Dy1 − xGdx)3Ga5O12, Dy3(Ga1 − yAly)5O12 and related oxides grown by the Czochralski method. Journal of Crystal Growth. 163 [4] (1996) 393-397 10.1016/0022-0248(95)01005-x
  • Shiro Tsukamoto, Nobuyuki Koguchi. Surface reconstruction of sulfur-terminated GaAs(001) observed during annealing process by scanning tunneling microscopy. Journal of Crystal Growth. 150 (1995) 33-37 10.1016/0022-0248(95)80176-d
  • Hideo Kimura, Takenori Numazawa, Mitsunori Sato, Hiroshi Maeda, Masaru Sakamoto. Minimization of lattice parameter change in Czochralski grown (Gd1-xYx)3Ga5O12 garnet single crystal. Journal of Crystal Growth. 119 [3-4] (1992) 313-316 10.1016/0022-0248(92)90685-c
  • Nobuyuki Koguchi, Satoshi Takahashi, Toyohiro Chikyow. New MBE growth method for InSb quantum well boxes. Journal of Crystal Growth. 111 [1-4] (1991) 688-692 10.1016/0022-0248(91)91064-h
  • Hiroyuki Takeya, Humihiko Takei. Preparation of high-Tc Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O films on MgO substrates by the solvent-evaporation epitaxial (SEE) method. Journal of Crystal Growth. 99 [1-4] (1990) 954-957 10.1016/s0022-0248(08)80061-9
  • Hideo Kimura, Takenori Numazawa, Mitsunori Sato, Hiroshi Maeda, Masaru Sakamoto. Single crystal growth of (Dy1−xGdx)3Al5O12 and (Dy1−x−yGdxYy)3Al5O12 garnets. Journal of Crystal Growth. 97 [3-4] (1989) 607-612 10.1016/0022-0248(89)90561-7
  • Hideo Kimura, Takenori Numazawa, Mitsunori Sato, Hiroshi Maeda. Single crystal growth and characterization of (Dy1−xGdx)3Ga5O12 Garnets. Journal of Crystal Growth. 87 [4] (1988) 523-528 10.1016/0022-0248(88)90100-5
  • Hideo Kimura, Hiroshi Maeda, Mitsunori Sato. Czochralski growth of Gd3(Ga1-xAlx)5O12 single crystals. Journal of Crystal Growth. 74 [1] (1986) 187-190 10.1016/0022-0248(86)90263-0
  • Iwao Kawasumi, Makoto Sakata, Isao Nishida, Katashi Masumoto. Crystal growth and characterization of MnSi-1.73.. Journal of Crystal Growth. 49 [4] (1980) 651-658 10.1016/0022-0248(80)90289-4
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