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  • 服部久雄, 中村恵吉, 小川恵一, 服部久雄, 中村恵吉, 小川恵一. Oxygen Potential Controlled Annealing Effects on the S.C. Properties of BSCCO Thin Films.. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Letters. 29 [1] (1990)
  • 松井良夫, 堀内繁雄, 沢博, 小原和彦, 秋光純. Planar Defects in the New Superconducting Oxide (Eu1-xCex)2(Ba1-yEuy)2Cu3O2 Observed by High-Resolution Transmission Electron Mi. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Letters. (1989) 1555
  • 関根久, 井上廉, 前田弘, 沼田幸一, 関根久, 井上廉, 前田弘, 沼田幸一. Fabrication of Bi-(Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Mono-and Mulfifilamentary Superconductors and Improvement in Critical Current.. Applied Physics Letter. 66 (1989) 276
  • 戸叶一正, H. Kumakura, D.R.筑┛椿, 前田弘, 柳沢栄治, 森本剛, E. Yanagisawa, T. Morimoto, D. R. Dietderich, K. Togano, H. Maeda. Properties of Bi(Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Superconducting Tapes Prepared by Doctor-Blade Process.. Applied Physics Letters. 54 [25] (1989) 2602-2604 10.1063/1.101063
  • H. Kumakura, 戸叶一正, 前田弘, 柳沢栄治, K. Togano, E. Yanagisawa, H. Maeda. Magnetization and Flux Creep in Textured Bi(Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Oxide Superconductor.. Applied Physics Letters. 55 [2] (1989) 185-187 10.1063/1.102401
  • 戸叶一正, H. Kumakura, 前田弘, 三村正直, M. Mimura, K. Togano, H. Maeda. Improvement of the Critical Current Density in the Silver Sheathod Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Superconducting Tapes.. Applied Physics Letters. 54 [16] (1989) 1582-1584 10.1063/1.101319
  • 戸叶一正, H. Kumakura, 前田弘, 柳沢栄治, 高橋和彦, K. Togano, H. Maeda, E. Yanagisawa, K. Takahashi. Properties of Pb-doped BI-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Superconductors.. Applied Physics Letters. 53 [14] (1988) 1329-1331 10.1063/1.100452
  • 飯田厚夫, 桜井健次, 合志陽一, 古宮聡, 飯田厚夫, 桜井健次, 合志陽一, 古宮聡. Analysis of Contamination Layer of InP During LPE Process by Synchrotron Radiation Excited X-Ray Fluorescence.. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Letters. 27 [10] (1988) 1825-1828
  • T. Takeuchi, Y. Iijima, M. Kosuge, 井上廉, 渡辺和雄, 能登宏七, K. Inoue, K. Watanabe, K. Noto. Pinning Mechanism in Continuous Ultra-Fine Nb3Al Multifilamentary Superconductor.. Applied Physics Letters. 53 [24] (1988) 2444-2446 10.1063/1.100523
  • 桜井健次, 飯田厚夫, 高橋護, 合志陽一, 桜井健次, 飯田厚夫, 高橋護, 合志陽一. Chemical State Mapping by X-Ray Fluorescence Using Absorption Edge Shifts.. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Letters. 27 [9] (1988) 1768-1771
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