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機構に所属する研究者の発表した論文を、タイトル・抄録・分野などから検索することができます。論文の分野はクラリベイト社のESI分類を参考に分類しています(Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biologyなど)。

最終更新日: 2023年10月04日

  • J.X. Zhang, T. Murakumo, Y. Koizumi, T. Kobayashi, H. Harada. Slip geometry of dislocations related to cutting of gamma prime phase in a new generation single-crystal superalloy. Acta Materialia. 51 [17] (2003) 5073-5081 10.1016/s1359-6454(03)00355-0
  • R. Yoshimura, T.J. Konno, E. Abe, K. Hiraga. Transmission electron microscopy study of the early stage of precipitates in aged Al-Li-Cu alloys. Acta Materialia. 51 [10] (2003) 2891-2903 10.1016/s1359-6454(03)00104-6
  • J.-Q. Su, M. Demura, T. Hirano. Mechanical behaviour of Sigma3 boundaries in Ni3Al. Acta Materialia. 51 [9] (2003) 2505-2515 10.1016/s1359-6454(03)00047-8
  • Y Tomota, P Lukas, S Harjo, J-H Park, N Tsuchida, D Neov. In situ neutron diffraction study of IF and ultra low carbon steels upon tensile deformation. Acta Materialia. 51 [3] (2003) 819-830 10.1016/s1359-6454(02)00473-1
  • Tetsu Ichitsubo, Daisuke Koumoto, Masahiko Hirao, Katsushi Tanaka, Makoto Osawa, Tadaharu Yokokawa, Hiroshi Harada. Rafting Mechanism for Ni-base Superalloy under External Stres: Elastic or Elastic-Plastic Phenomena?. Acta Materialia. 51 [14] (2003) 4033-4044 10.1016/s1359-6454(03)00224-6
  • Tetsu Ichitsubo, Daisuke Koumoto, Masahiko Hirao, Katsushi Tanaka, Makoto Osawa, Tadaharu Yokokawa, Hiroshi Harada. Elastic Anisotropy of Rafted Ni-base Superalloy at High Temperatures. Acta Materialia. 51 [16] (2003) 4863-4869 10.1016/s1359-6454(03)00326-4
  • Steven G. Johnson, J.D. Joannopoulos. Effect of Phase Fraction on the Tri-Junction in Two-Phase Nanoparticle. Acta Materialia. 51 [19] (2003) 5823-5835 10.1016/s1359-6454(02)00530-x
  • A Belyakov, K Tsuzaki, H Miura, T Sakai. Effect of Initial Microstructures on Grain Refinement in a Stainless Steel by Large Strain Deformation. Acta Materialia. 51 [3] (2003) 847-861 10.1016/s1359-6454(02)00476-7
  • E. Miura, K. Yoshimi, S. Hanada. Continuous Recrystallization in Austenitic Stainless Steel after Large Strain Deformation. Acta Materialia. 50 [6] (2002) 1547-1557 10.1016/s1359-6454(02)00013-7
  • C.M.Wang, 三友護. Atomic structural environment of Y in the residual glass phase of silicon nitride and alfa-sialon. ACTA MATERIALIA. 50 (2002) 3151-3158
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